Before starting work with the bumper, be sure to wash it well. Then go to the removal of old paint and putty. For this purpose good drill with a metal brush. Paint and putty you can shoot quickly and without problems. Be sure to use means of individual protection of respiratory organs. When working will be quite a lot of dust. Remove all paint, which has chipped or uneven. Take your time, remove all chips. Otherwise, after the final painting they will be very noticeable.
Next go to the sealing of the bumper. To start probajte all the cracks and chips. The edges of the chip necessarily oplate. If necessary, add plastic with a "donor". Once you have zapravili crack, do to strengthen it with aluminum mesh. Vplate it from the inside of the bumper. Make it so that mesh is almost not visible under the plastic. Crack sapevate on both sides of the bumper, and the grid only on the inside.
In places where there are no plastic pieces, get them to recovery. For this cut the right size pieces from the "donor". To a missing place attach a piece of cardboard. Then simply circle the desired shape. From the form, cut out the template and transfer it to the plastic "donor". Then, using tin snips, cut a piece and solder it to the bumper. You only have to reinforce it with mesh.
Once the bumper is sealed, well its prosopalgia. Before painting it must be perfectly smooth. Next, choose the desired color. The final step is painting the bumper.
Also the problem can occur with the kits. For sticking body kits apply the epoxy. The fact that the bumper is entirely made of plastic, and the kit is made of fiberglass, so to solder these two parts is not possible. Therefore, it is best to purchase epoxy in advance.