You will need
  • Autosplice any. You should take a tube of small size and bright colors it is better to certainly not color their way through the enamel;
  • A fine-grained emery paper;
  • Enamel bath;
  • Abrasive polishing paste;
  • Tinting paste (if you do not have a white tub);
  • Construction (can be regular), the Hairdryer;
  • Solvent for degreasing the surface of the bath;
  • Polishing paste and felt.
Clean the crack or chip to the steel color, then dry with a Hairdryer, then degrease the cleaned area with some solvent or acetone.
Prepare the putty, apply it to the chip and allow to dry for about 15-30 minutes. The drying time of filler depends on its grade. After drying putty sand it with sandpaper until the disappearance of the slightest bumps. Even better would be to smooth out the putty with a little pressure so that it is up to the level of the bath is not reached quite a bit. Then still enough space for the enamel. Then again, degrease and dry the surface with a Hairdryer.
Next is preparing the enamel. Take one part of hardener and four parts of the framework. If needed, add in the color. Kohler much to add not be (enough for 5-7%). Cover the prepared enamel place of cleavage. Allow the enamel to dry.
As soon as the enamel has dried, RUB the spot fine sandpaper. Then Polish with polishing paste and felt. So you get rid of traces of "grain" emery paper and finally will align the place of cleavage. That's all.