Mounting and sealing of

Liquid plastic is available in the form of glue. Operates on the principle of diffusion welding, when the molecules are stuck together as if objects penetrate each other and the surface become one.

In the case when we need to join materials made of foamed or solid PVC so the glue is indispensable. Inherent excellent weather resistance (temperature, humidity, etc.) and resistance to UV radiation, which is very important, for example, when working with plastic glazing. Another unique feature - when applied topically, the adhesive does not yellow. This allows you to use it as a great sealant.

Impact resistant decorative coating

There is also enamel "liquid plastic" aka "liquid plastic". This extra-strong paint with a high gloss. Due to the high abrasion resistance, it can be used in places with high traffic and loads. This could be warehouses, stores, garages. You can also handle floors and stairs in residential buildings. Irreplaceable liquid plastic in the treatment of swimming pools. This coating is resistant to water, oils and petroleum products. High workability – easy to apply and has a high hiding power. The basis for applying can be bricks, concrete, wood, plaster, previously painted with alkyd and acrylic paints surface steel, galvanized surface.

Stop rust

If you want to defeat the corrosion liquid plastic with inhibitor rust is a very good technological solution. First, the high adhesion of this material to the metal ensures that the coating will remain intact for a long time. The second advantage is that you can apply paint directly on rust, without spending time on the surface of the soil and waiting for it dry. Dense texture and high content of anti-corrosion additives will eliminate the re-appearance of rust, and the lifetime of the coating is 7-10 years. As a rule, enamel "liquid plastic" used to protect pipelines and other engineering structures made of metal.

Despite the uniqueness of this modern building and finishing material it should be noted that the liquid plastic can not be classified as organic products. The material in all of its modifications has a strong odor and requires the use of personal protective equipment – respirator and gloves. A wide range of applications and a large number of constituents makes a closer approach to the selection of material for the realization of the idea. Use liquid plastic is only for the purposes and according to instructions.