Minor repairs on the owners of private houses are trying to pursue with the lowest labor costs and cheaper, if possible. For example, if the cracked roof slates, it is not necessary to completely remove the roof and replace with new. There are other ways that allow you to close the crack without carrying out a laborious work on the overlap of the roof.

How to put patches on the roof from slate

Sometimes to not to bother with repairing the roof, and you have the slate with a suitable wave, the owners simply stack it on top of the damaged area. This method is not particularly good in terms of efficiency.

When correcting a defect, like a cracked slate, trying to achieve the following results through the cracks should not leak rain water. In addition, the damaged sheet must not cause deformation of the adjacent. If you are simply laying the whole leaf from top increased floor load, are not excluded deformation of the slate, leading to the formation of new cracks, and the water in the rain will still seep under the sheet, especially on a pitched roof. This method should be regarded only as temporary, for a couple of days, while the owners will find the opportunity to spend more quality repairs.

Waterproofing coating for slate roof

More common and quite effective way is to create a roof waterproofing covering. For its production will need cement, white glue, water, fluffed asbestos. The mixture should be prepared based on a few hours of work, so it does not withered. Two parts of cement mixed with three parts of asbestos fluff. PVA glue diluted with water in ratio of 1:1. The ingredients are mixed so that the consistency was about like sour cream.

The roof needs to be cleaned, flush with water from a water hose, the parts that are cracked to procrasti with a stiff brush. Prime the roof after it has dried with diluted PVA glue. Repair is that the place with the cracks repainted so that the layer of mixture turned a thickness less than two millimeters. To repair better in cloudy weather.

Instead of PVA glue, you can take any of hardy water-based coloring compositions, but it will greatly affect the durability of the repaired roof. Fluff successfully replace asbestos sheet – it will have to RUB on a regular grater for vegetables.
For priming are also used bitumen varnish with glass – lacquer layer, a layer of fiberglass cloth and another coat of varnish. The coating is like reinforced. Another option is gaps coat of roofing sealant using a gun.