Their use is very flexible in construction, medicine, household sector and many other industries. The popularity of silicones is due to a number of unique and very valuable qualities that are missing from other peers. For example, silicones can reduce or, conversely, to increase the process of adhesion, to give a target subject or substance properties of water repellency. They can keep the basic parameters at the most extreme high or low temperatures and high humidity conditions. Silicones also possess dielectric abilities, bioinertness, a high degree of elasticity and is also very durable and environmentally friendly.
In industry, silicone fluids and emulsions, made on their basis, are used as anti-adhesive greases for the large and heavy molds, for the preparation of waterproofing liquids, silicone cooking oil and greases, suspension fluids, coolants and heat transfer fluids, and dielectric compositions and sealants. A very popular defoamer made on the basis of silicone fluids.
No less popular and elastomers made from silicone, in the following areas: – production of low and high molecular weight rubbers, effective of RTV sealant, high molecular weight rubbers, hot-curing, low molecular weight compudav already cold curing, and liquid rubber standard LSR.
It is because of the silicone prepared the so-called siliconalley and siliconpower, which are further included in the composition of mixtures applied to various complex coverage. The latter thus receive the resistance and resilience, the ability to electrical insulation and hydrophobicity.
The whole range of silicone industrial products to list quite difficult. Is various gaskets, rings, sleeves, cuffs, silicone plugs and much, much more. They can be used in the following temperature range – from minus 60 ° C and up to + 200oC, but there are some variations. So special cold-resistant rubber can withstand a temperature of minus 100 ° C, and heat – resistant up to + 300oC.
In addition, the silicone is almost not affected by ozone, sea water, hot water, alcohol, mineral oil and various fuels, as well as solutions based on acids and alkalis. Sustainable silicone products also to radiation, UV radiation and electrical charges.