To make non-lethal weapons, to obtain official permission – a license, you will need to fill out a card-application on a standardized form with pasted in it the photo 3x4. 3 of these pictures will need to enclose other documents. Photos must be printed on matte paper. To obtain a license would require the original ID card – passport and copies of its pages, including the registration stamp.
In the Department of licenses and permits of (ARR) ATC at the place of registration it is necessary to know the Bank details for the transfer of the state fee, pay it and the payment receipt to attach to the documents. The fee for obtaining a license to travmatik is 30% of the established minimum wage. You will also need to undergo a medical examination by examination by a psychiatrist and narcologist and a note that those specialists on the account you are not a member. Confirming this fact and your health document will be a medical certificate in form №046-1.
Non-lethal weapons must be stored in a specially equipped secure location, inaccessible to outsiders. You will need to purchase a separate large safe, which will also need to put ammunition and other accessories – holster, shop, etc. the safe should be securely attached to the wall or the floor to carry him away was impossible. An act confirming the availability of such location, signed by your local police inspector, will also need to attach to the documents. Some police Department can also require the Windows of your home or apartment, if you live on the first or last floor, the grating, but this requirement in the law not specified.
Complete training on the safe handling of firearms restricted to the harmful effect and get Evidence about it. Address of the organization that issues these certificates, you need to know in OLRR ATC. In addition to these certificates you will also need a copy of the certificate on statement on the account in tax Department with tin and certificate of employment.