The documents for the acquisition of weapons of limited destruction

Firearms limited destruction is usually short apparatus, which is used to of injury at a distance, but does not lead to death. For this type of weapon is the pistol or revolver with a special gas or traumatic cartridges.

Before attending the licensing service, you need to report at the precinct that the house has all the conditions for the safe storage of weapons. You will need to buy a special gun metal box or safe. Then you should obtain a medical certificate form 046-1. Required will be a visit to narcological and psychoneurological clinic, where must document that the applicant for the acquisition of weapons is not there on the account.

You will need to make a photocopy of all relevant pages of the passport and attach two photos 3x4 and receipt of payment of the state fee. As a rule, the application for a license, you can fill in the place of receipt of available samples. Currently, in the legislation there was innovation, according to which you need to provide a copy of the certificate of completion of training on knowledge of rules of safe handling of weapons.

If all necessary documents are collected correctly, weapons license can be obtained within 30 days. This license gives the right to bear arms after purchase and registration.

The documents for the purchase of hunting weapons

The process of purchasing a hunting weapon does not differ from obtaining a license for weapon for self-defense. However, instead of the permission to carrying and storage only license is given for the purchase of one unit of weapon, valid for six months. If a hunting weapon is purchased, a license will need to extend or pass.

License for purchase of arms represents the three roots two of which the store takes back the purchase, and one remains with the buyer. It should be within 14 days to go to the police station and get a permit for possession of weapons.

To obtain permission for the possession and storage of firearms hunting shotguns you need to have a hunting license. To get it, you need to join a hunting club should submit two photographs and a photocopy of your passport.

To purchase a rifle needs the experience of owning smooth-bore gun not less than 5 years and the presence of a hunting ticket with five years of experience. This is necessary in order to rifles considered it hunting and not intended for self-defense.