Advice 1: What documents are needed for a child to camp

Then came the summer holidays, many children go on vacation in summer camp. This is a fun and carefree period, which brings a lot of good impressions and pleasant memories. But in anticipation of a fun holiday, parents would need to ensure that had been prepared all the documents necessary for admission to the camp.
To stay in the summer camp within our country the child will need:
- the permit and a receipt for her payment (if ticket paid);
- birth certificate or passport and a copy of these documents;
- medical insurance and its copy;
- medical certificate on form No. 079/a (to be completed by a district physician) or №076/y (if the child goes in the Spa camp);
- certificate of epidokruzhenii (issued by the epidemiologist in the clinic or in the local SES).
This is the list of documents required.
Depending on the features of the camp may also be required:
- copies of passports of parents;
help from a dermatologist;
- a doctor's note authorizing the use of the pool;
- resolution pediatrician engaging in certain sports;
- photo 3x4.
About the need for the provision of these documents is reported in the design of the permit.
If a child goes on holiday to a camp abroad, the documents will be different. You will need:
- passport of the child;
- the trip to camp and the receipt for its payment;
- notarized power of attorney for accompanying person;
- visa (registration required only for some countries);
- medical insurance;
- travel expenses (unless required by permit);
- medical certificate or appropriate form (some camps need to provide a translation of the medical certificate).
Additionally, foreign camps may be required:
questionnaires, filled out by the child and parents (in English);
- copies of passports of parents;
- characteristics of the school, proof of school attendance;
- birth certificate of the child;
- baby pictures.
Preferential categories of citizens have the opportunity to purchase a free ticket or with partial payment of its cost. It is necessary to contact the local social security authorities. Applications are accepted from April for the upcoming summer season. Benefits when you make use of vouchers:
- children from poor and large families;
- children with disabilities;
- orphans and children left without parental care;
- children from families of refugees and internally displaced persons;
- children affected by terrorist acts.
Useful advice
Please note at the time of registration of certain documents.
Medical certificate in form No. 079/issued three days before the start of the shift. Certificate of epidemiologicheskii environment also needs to be obtained three days before the start of the holiday.
For registration certificates according to form №076/y would require more time, as it provides for the inspection by doctors-specialists and tests. Given that summer the doctors starts the holiday period, try in advance to pass all the specialists. Analysis and yaytseglist for pinworms rent for 7 days before the start of the shift.
The issue of the passport and the visa also takes considerable time - at least a month.

Advice 2 : What documents are needed at school camp

Camp at school has many benefits for both children and their parents. Children spend their days under the supervision of, to be entertained, fed, they follow the mode of the day, and at the same time they do not need to travel far and be away from her family and friends. To collect documents in this camp parents will be asked in advance.
School camp
School camp runs 5 days a week during June and sometimes July. In August, school camps is not since all teachers are on holiday. School camp can be as full of content – that is, on a working day, from 8.00 to 17.00, and in the morning, then after lunch children go home. To find you a school camp in advance, to avoid unpleasant surprise. To refer the matter to the camp commander or the head teacher of the school. Previously have to collect a set of documents.
The applicant's passport and its photocopy can serve both the mother and the father. In the copy of the passport will need to make a page with registration, as an organization, host a child, you must know where he lives and whom to contact in case of emergency. If the child does not reside at the place of registration, it is necessary to specify separately.
Birth certificate of the child. Another official document, without which no cost, no registration procedure in the camp, including school. Make copies of certificates of all children in the family, which is documented in the camp.
Help with work in form F9 on who is running the parent in which company. If one of the parents does not work, the statement and all other documents may be submitted or not to submit this certificate at all.
Help from the clinic that the baby is healthy and no one in the family quarantine. To get help just before camp. In school, children need to see the nurse before the start of the race.
The application of a parent to take a child to camp. Written at the time of submission of all documents. The sample application you will be given at the class teacher or the head teacher.
In a school camp accepts children from 6 to 14 years, in some cases, accept teenagers up to 16 years. Parents before the beginning of camp I wonder what will entertain and occupy their children. Usually at each camp there is a pre-designed program, so that parents can ask her to see every day of their child. Entertainment in this camp are held within the school and the city. Children a few times per shift have led to performances in theatres, small performances, walks in the parks. Probably, some of the activities will be paid by parents in addition.
Useful advice
Benefits when visiting the camps and given to children of workers of budgetary sphere, children-orphans, children from incomplete, large families or low income families and children with disabilities.

Advice 3 : What are the tests before the trip to the camp

A medical examination and making a medical card is essential when making a child to camp. You need to pass a number of specialists and to pass certain laboratory tests. There is a standardized list of doctors required to attend, and a list of laboratory tests.
What are the tests before the trip to the camp

The registration information for the camp

To enroll in camp, you must provide a document reflecting the physical health of the child. This document is a certificate of the form 079, which is issued by our pediatrician on-demand indication of infectious diseases, chronic diseases, vaccination and revaccinate.

For registration certificates, you must visit the following medical specialists: dermatologist, neurologist, dentist and pass laboratory tests: blood General clinical analysis (KLA), urine clinical analysis (OAM), feces for analysis of worm eggs and protozoa, fecal enterobiasis. If necessary, the pediatrician may decide to hold additional laboratory investigations and to issue directions to visit certain doctors. Depending on the specialization of the camp, possibly expanding the spectrum of studies and surveys. All directions issued by the pediatrician.

General blood test and urinalysis

Blood for General analysis surrenders morning fasting from a finger in a specialized laboratory at the children's medical care facility. Before testing it is necessary to exclude physical activity, emotional excitement, to be a bit to sit, relax and unwind. To pass urine on the General analysis should be purchased at the pharmacy container for biological material. In the morning, take a shower, collect the middle portion of newly issued urine in a sterile container, label it, indicating the surname, name, patronymic, date of birth, date of collection of biological material, be delivered to the laboratory in the shortest time. The day before the date of delivery of the analysis should not be consumed a large amount of fluid.

Examination of feces for worm eggs, protozoa and pinworms

Cal for research on helminth eggs and protozoa then you collect in a clean, dry container, after appropriate hygiene procedures. Capacity to sign, specifying the surname, name, patronymic, date of birth and date of collection of biological material, be delivered to the laboratory for analysis. Cal is going to different parts of the fecal mass. To conduct the fecal enterobiasis in advance of need to take laboratory special cotton swab in a sterile container. Cal is going with the folds around the anus early in the morning and delivered to the laboratory for analysis. The results of the fecal enterobiasis valid for 10 days.

Documents for registration of the medical certificate

When you visit doctors to receive lab tests in the clinic by place of residence you must have only the mandatory medical insurance policy. To undergo a medical examination at a health care facility, you need to take birth certificate of the child health card, identity document.
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