Advice 1: What documents are needed for a wasp gun

Gun Wasp (correct name: PB-4-1ml OCA) refers to those types of traumatic weapons, which necessarily implies a certain list of documents required for the legal purchase.
What documents are needed for a wasp gun
You will need
  • - passport,
  • - 4 pictures
  • - information on health,
  • - the petition of the district,
  • - the conclusion of the internal Affairs at the place of residence.
Before purchasing weapons for self defense you need to educate yourself on the gun laws, the articles of the Russian Criminal code, as well as rules of storage, carrying and use of a handgun, knowledge of which will be required when writing the statement at the place of residence of the future owner "in trauma."
For the licensing division, ATC will need a statement written in a certain form with the obligatory indication of passport data and such information about the applicant, as the registration address and actual residence, the marital status, data on the presence/absence of criminal record, etc.

You will need photocopies of passport and 4 photographs of a standard size of 3 to 4 cm.
Medical certificate according to the standard form 046 may be obtained at the local district and the private licensed clinic, where a special medical Board, however, for its issuance specialist institutions will require the official certificate from psychoneurological and narcological dispensary health applying for this document type of customer.
Remember to bring your receipt of payment of the statutory fees and report your district of your commitment to proper storage, Wasps, loyalty and "sanity" on the form provided by the police Department.
After the adoption of the above list of ten document and consideration of written application the applicant is entitled to the issuance of licenses for the possession and acquisition of weapons for self-defense, after which you and pass the exam on the knowledge of the previously mentioned laws and regulations, you can go to a specialty store for the purchase of the Wasp.
Purchased a gun immediately (in the next two weeks after purchase) to register in the licensing Department of the internal Affairs at the place of residence. Do not forget the mandatory requirements associated with the storage of any type of weapons in the home, these include acquisition and installation of a safe or metal box.
The number of weapons purchased is fixed, the Wasp starts a Supervisory case, the maintenance period which is five years. Three months before the end of the statutory period, the owner of the weapon is obliged to renew the license, in accordance with the procedure provided by rules of its primary produce. Coordinates Department responsible for issuing this kind of licenses, you can check with the nearest police Department.

Advice 2: What documents are needed to buy weapons

The free sale of weapons in Russia is prohibited, and possession without a licence is a criminal offence. To acquire a traumatic and hunting weapons, you will need to collect the documents, without which the license impossible to make.
What documents are needed to buy weapons
To obtain a license to purchase firearms intended for self – defense- traumatic or gas, you will need to pass a medical examination, get help from a psychiatrist and the psychiatrist that on account of these medical professionals you are, as well as a medical certificate on form 046-1. You will need to take a picture and attach to the application for the purchase of weapons for two 3x4 photos. In some departments, licensing and permitting work ATC, where the issue of a permit, is required to make the statement in the electronic form. In addition, from your district, you should report that in your house has a metal lockable box in which to store weapons; and photocopy of valid passport pages, copy of the certificate on statement on the account in tax body was, details and receipt of payment of the state license fee. In this case, the fee is 0.3 for minimum wage (SMIC).
When you are going to apply for a license to purchase smooth-bore hunting weapons, you need to get a special metal box, where it will be stored. The presence of such a safe in your home district needs to be drawn up the report that you attach to the documents. His list corresponds to the one given above, but the amount of the state fee for registration of the license in this case will be 1 of the minimum wage. In addition, the statement must additionally include a copy of your hunting license.
If we are talking about buying a rifled hunting weapons, you will also need a certificate stating that you have registered for at least 5 years ago, hunting weapons, request from your society of hunters. You will also need to attach the receipt on payment of state fee in the amount of 2 minimum wages and payment of the permission to storage and carrying of weapons. It will also require the inspection of premises to store weapons that shall be signed by the district, a representative of the permitting authority and you; and characteristics issued by the personnel Department of the company where you work.
Arms sales and, accordingly, registration of licenses it is prohibited to persons under the age of majority, or those who do not have permanent registration at the place of residence. Not licensed and the persons consisting on the account at the psychiatrist or the psychiatrist who has a previous conviction for crimes committed intentionally, or administrative penalties and fines received during the last year. You cannot buy guns for those who have poor eyesight, or those who have some chronic disease.
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