From Moscow to the town of Star you can go with a bus stop located at the metro station "Schelkovskaya" at 9 Park street. The fastest route option is to travel by taxi. It departs every 15-20 minutes from 07:00 to 22:00 daily. Time it takes 40 min. fare 70 p.
Daily 08:05, 10:10, 12:35 stop moving bus No. 380 to the side of the Star. Additionally, on Saturdays and Sundays at 16:35, 18:50 and 21:20 pulls the bus to the final destination. According to the same schedule on weekdays goes the route number 380. Journey time is 40 mins - 1 hour 10 min Ticket costs 28 p.
The bus passes through such towns as East, Balashikha, Long Ledovo and Schelkovo. On a personal car is a road on the Entuziastov motorway from the MKAD to the city of Balashikha, there must take the highway a-103 and to drive a little on the Shchelkovo highway. After the railway crossing turn right at the turn, there will be a sign to Bakhchivandzhi. After 5 km is Stellar.
The Star is located near the cities of Losino-Petrovsky, Staraya Kupavna, Noginsk, Elektrostal, Pavlovsky Posad, Korolev and Balashikha.
In Star is the world famous Centre of cosmonaut training. Gagarin, where in today's time train future astronauts to fly on space. In the city most of the population is astronauts, employees, scholars and their families. Tourists come here to see the Museum of space research. Here are the space ships, model aircraft, first rocket, the spacesuits of astronauts, etc. In the Museum make after passing a medical examination to try in simulators for training astronauts in centrifuge and hydro.