You will need
  • - metro map of Saint Petersburg;
  • interactive map of St. Petersburg metro.
Consider the scheme of the subway of Saint-Petersburg. You will see five lines, each of which is identified by a number and corresponding color. Lines have also established name often includes the name of the built-in stations:

Line No. 1: "Kirov-Vyborg", red;
Line No. 2: "Moscow-Petrograd", blue color;
Line No. 3: "Nevsko-Vasileostrovskaya", green;
Line # 4: "right-Bank", orange color;
Line 5: "Frunze-Primorskaya", purple color.

Typically, in common parlance, the line number or the name associated with the stations located on it.
The scheme of the Petersburg underground
Note the stations where passengers have the opportunity to cross the line without leaving the metro. To date, these hubs seven. On the map they are represented as circles divided into two or three colored sectors. The colors reflect those metro lines that intersect at a given point. Hubs located in the Central part of St. Petersburg.
If you have access to the Internet, use the interactive subway map. To do this, follow the link the website of the St. Petersburg metro. In the left part of the main page select "Interactive metro map". Click on the image to open the interactive map.
To calculate the route, select first the departure station, and then the point which you intend to arrive. In the upper left part of the scheme information window will appear, which will indicate the estimated travel time in minutes and the number of interchange stations. In addition, the recommended route is highlighted in yellow. The journey time on the route is calculated from entry of the passenger into the lobby of the metro station.
If during the trip on the St. Petersburg metro you have any questions about the route contact directly to the staff servicing the metro station, or use the signs located on the walls opposite the landing platforms. However, to assist you and the townspeople, who are always distinguished by kindness and hospitality towards the guests of St. Petersburg.