Why I want to make a baggage surcharge

Passengers may indeed soon have to pay extra for Luggage. At the moment, this service is included in the ticket price. It should be noted immediately that the changes will affect only low-cost airlines, the so-called low-cost airlines or low cost carriers.

However, fans to travel by plane, don't worry and do from this tragedy, as future amendments to the Air code will be for them. Passengers of low-cost airlines companies will have an opportunity to decide whether they favor baggage or not. This alternative has advantages for passengers and airlines. First can save, and the second is to form a more diverse range of tariffs.

It turns out that everything will remain rosy. It should be noted that the carry-on baggage on Board aircraft continues to be totally free. A specific value of the baggage is still unknown.

What is the low-cost airlines

This term refers to such airlines that offer tickets at low prices and with a minimum of service. Such carriers refuse certain services that offer their customers regular companies, which allows us to reduce the cost of flights.