You will need
  • -e-ticket
  • - computer
Almost all airlines now moved to issuing electronic tickets called e-ticket. E-ticket can be printed on plain paper or even to stay in the computer's memory. The most important information it contains a unique alphanumeric code, the reservation number.
Online check-in usually begins 24 hours before departure, so you can make it at home in a relaxed atmosphere, no pushing in the queue at the counter. The presence or absence of the Luggage does not affect the registration method, you pass it the normal way at the airport.
Look on your ticket reservation number, go to the website of the shipping company, begin online registration. By entering in the appropriate box of the booking number shown on the ticket, you will see a layout of seats in the plane. You can choose the one most suitable.
The most convenient are the first rows, which are located just behind the business class. High demand and seats at emergency exits, miragee space in there than usual. But book this place only if you are sure that in case of an emergency will be able to open the escape hatches and help other passengers to get out.
Some airlines offer "seat choice" in the purchase process. Unlike online registration, this service is paid, but it gives the opportunity to immediately take the desired place.