You will need
  • veterinary certificate for a cat surrounding vaccinations, bag-carrying, paid booking to cat.
Preparation of documents for the cat. A lot depends on you making the flights inside the country or sent abroad. In the first case, you will need a veterinary passport with marks about that cat made all the necessary vaccinations and a certificate in the form No. 1 that a cat can carry. Contact a veterinary clinic, there you will issue a passport for the cat. Certificate number 1 issued at the airport.
If the flight is international, then in addition to the above mentioned documents need an international certificate, which will need to register for customs border control. Be careful with the statement about the value of cats as to its breed. If the breeding value and the cat is missing, still make such a statement.
International flights are also necessary documents at the cat, which requires the host country. They are different for all States, so this point needs to be clarified before departure. Generally, all countries require vaccination against rabies.
The ticket issuance. When you book your ticket yourself, tell the operator that you are traveling with a cat. She will be issued a ticket, as baggage. Prices of different airlines can vary considerably. Where the freight charge is calculated based on the weight of the animal, in other companies a fixed price.
Carrying a cat in two ways: the bag-carried in the passenger cabin or in the Luggage compartment. There are special Luggage compartments for the animals, they are heated, during the flight the animal can see. In the passenger compartment cat is allowed to carry only the bag-carrying, total dimensions of which, according to the requirements of most carriers, must not exceed 115 cm, weight cats must be less than 8 kg. of Course, the cat is better to carry in the cabin and not in the Luggage compartment. So your pet will experience less stress. Remember that some companies do not allow for the possibility of transporting animals in the cabin.
Bag for transporting cats shall conform to the requirements of the airline
Bag-transportation for cats. According to the requirements of most companies, the freight should be large enough that the cat could turn 360 degrees. The bottom to make the adsorbent material. In the transportation have to have air in sufficient quantity. It is best to cover the carrier in all treatments with fabric, because if the cat sees the flashing, it will start to get nervous and worry.
Transportation for the cat should be comfortable enough
At the airport you will need to be on the point of veterinary control, it was there and provide an entry permit, made according to form No. 1. If the plane has empty seats, you can ask at check-in, so that by you left one free to supply the kennel with cat there. According to the rules, the bag should be at your feet or under the seat in front of passengers. But when a ball carrier is near you or on your lap, the cat is much less fussy.