First contact the company providing air cargoagents. Find out whether to send in the necessary cargos aircraft, whether for transport that you want to send – some categories of items for carriage are not permitted. To send the cargo by plane , you can use regular flights, and if you want Express delivery or non-standard cargoe – Charter flight.
Agree terms of delivery. Then let the experts of the company the weight of your loadand the size of the package – all that is necessary to calculate the cost of transportation. The standard not very large packages and boxes, as a rule, there are certain tariffs, non-standard options will require more detailed discussion. In the case of a wire transfer you will need in advance to receive and pay the bill for delivery.
In the application for the transport specify the exact number of cargooriented locations, sizes, weight and name of the cargoand data (including pin) loadof otpravitelya and the loadof apalachacola, the time of supply of the goodsand, if you bring his own transport, or the time and place of which will have to pick up the goods to the company.
If you don't want the additional expense is well pack your cargo, otherwise it can not accept or require a separate fee for packaging by the company's carrier. Don't forget to apply the marking data loadof apalachacola for all cargonew places, to prepare all documents - invoice, cash register receipts, invoices. If the cargo is subject to certification, the availability of certified copies of certificates required. In the absence of any documents when you check the responsibility will be borne by you, as the cargo ofotpravitelya or customer.
You will be told the number of cargoand number of aviation cargoroom, invoice number, number of flight, date of departure. On the actual flight you will be informed by phone or email.
To loadthe my warehouse of the airport of destination of your cargo , it will be possible to passport or by proxy. Upon receipt, you must verify the integrity of the packaging and the number of seats. Specify when ordering whether delivery of the goodsand the address of the recipient – some companies also provide such services.