Never check in baggage, and carrying only hand baggage, documents, valuables and jewelry, essential medicines, cash and credit cards.
In your hand Luggage on Board Russian vessels can take drinks (water, juices, yogurt, etc.), but the volume to 100 ml, food: cookies, cakes, waffles, pastries, fruit, vegetables, sandwiches, chips, hard cheese, sausages, if necessary, if you fly with the baby, you can carry baby food, but also volume not exceeding 100 ml. However, it is not necessary to give much space in hand Luggage edible goods, as onboard usually fed.
In addition, in the hand Luggage may include cosmetics and personal hygiene products. For example, a toothbrush, solid antiperspirant, lipstick, non-hazardous razor, and the following liquid products that should be not more than 100 ml: shampoo, shower gel, lotion, shaving cream, oil, perfume, toothpaste, hand cream, nail Polish and hair mask, mascara, lip gloss and some others.
A rare trip without appliances. In your hand Luggage you can take the hair dryer, Curling irons, hair straightener, shaver, mobile phone, tablet, e-book, MPZ-player, laptop, camcorder, camera. Of course, not always be possible to use this technique on Board an aircraft, but, nevertheless, you can be sure of their safety.
It should be noted that great popularity in hand Luggage are the things that contribute to a long flight was comfortable as possible and quietly. These things may include the following items: books and various print media (Newspapers, magazines, crossword puzzles).
If you are traveling with a child, it is possible to carry the stroller or a portable basket for the baby, although the Airliners that fly long distances usually have a special child restraints that need to get from the flight attendant. Aeroflot and S7 ask passengers when booking tickets, tell them you need chairs and cradles.
Please note that the total allowable weight of hand baggage per passenger must not exceed 18 kilograms. If you are traveling with a young child, you can bring the aircraft up to 10 pounds allowed things. Thus, regardless of the composition it is forbidden to bring on Board oversized cargo and dangerous substances, including those that have a pronounced odor, or those substances which are strong allergens.