You will need
  • - passport,
  • - the ticket.
At various airports have their own time frame check. Approximately passengers are advised to be at the airport 1 hour 30 minutes before departure on a domestic flight and 2 hours before international flight. When buying tickets specify a particular time. Check-in closes 40 minutes before take-off side. If the passenger has not checked in before this time, it is likely not fly, and the airline is entitled to dispose of it at own discretion. In that case, when you arrived at the airport before the end of registration, let us go on to special racks for passengers arriving late.
If you currently have a passport or other document on which the ticket was purchased, and the ticket itself. In recent times it replaces the itinerary receipt you received after purchasing the ticket via the Internet. Children must have a birth certificate.
After arriving at the airport looking for an electronic scoreboard schedule. It says, if the registration of, and no stands it goes. Following the signs, go to your racks. Passengers in first and business class are served out of turn or in special racks.
Front Desk ground staff airport check your documents and ticket. Instead of the last-issued boarding pass, which will serve as a pass to Board the plane. It is your seat and the gate number for boarding the plane. If you are traveling with family or company, at the time of registration submit all the documents at once to get seats next to each other. There is another little trick! Come to the airport in advance: early registration have the opportunity to ask the desired seat, for example, in front or at the window.
When registering, you have to pass your Luggage, except hand Luggage, so prepare the bags and suitcases. If desired, pre-pack them in plastic-using special machines at the airport. Your rate of carriage provides a certain weight of Luggage. This is usually 20 kilograms per passenger. If your Luggage will be heavier, you will be asked to pay for the overweight. Your belongings will attach the identification card. The second part will give you can be attached to a boarding pass or passport. Don't lose vouchers: you can pick up your bags at the airport of arrival. Hand baggage may be asked to stick a special tag.
Becoming more common alternative methods of check-in, for example, through the Internet or terminals at the airport. This design has its advantages. You can choose your seat and formally to avoid the queue to the front Desk. But yet poorly developed mechanisms for the baggage drop at self check. Abroad it is a special stand called "Baggage drop off". In Russian airports, they are still rare. Most the Luggage must surrender to the order of the same queue for normal check, at least – in counters first and business class. Check with your airline if they provide self check and what to do with Luggage. And then decide on a convenient for you form of registration.