Regardless of the duration of the trip, give preference to comfortable shoes. It should not be thin stilettos, wedges or platform. It is not necessary to go on the road in sneakers. You will have to remove and wear them every time you untie and tie the laces.If you are traveling in cold season, choose soft and comfortable shoes. During the hot months will be comfortable in open shoes. Another important rule: never put on the road in new shoes. You run the risk of getting calluses and suffer with them the whole journey.
Clothing should be as soft. Choose items from natural fabrics, preferably dark tones. To wear in the street light thing is not reasonable, as the aircraft can get dirty or put spot. Then you run the risk of not only hopelessly to spoil a thing, but feel uncomfortable in dirty clothes.To wear on plane jeans is also not correct. They will restrict movement and cause discomfort. The best choice would be pants made of knitwear. Discard the shrinkable fabrics. Wrinkled clothes will look extremely presentable.Don't forget to bring your stole. It is indispensible in flight, if the plane will not be plaid.
Don't forget that the cabin is sealed and it circulates the same air. Have reserved the use of perfumes or deodorants. In the plane can be allergies, so before the flight should not be heavily throttled.
In the plane it is not recommended to wear rings, as they will compress the blood vessels of the fingers and to prevent the circulation of blood. In extreme cases, remove the ring as soon as you feel the slightest discomfort.
In the way not to do model hair. It hurt to take a comfortable position in the chair and quickly lose their form. Hair can be straightened with a Hairdryer or collect in the tail or a bun.Do not overdo it with the makeup. It should be easy and unobtrusive. Before the flight it is useful to moisten the skin cream or thermal water.
If you're travelling in winter in a hot country, take in your hand Luggage bag with your summer things. In the plane you'll change, I'll put in a bag of warm clothes and go down the ramp in light clothing.