First we need to properly define what will fly in the Luggage, what with you in hand Luggage. All documents, tickets, money, valuables and small electronics should be always with you.
There are some restrictions on bringing items into the cabin. In hand Luggage should not be anything even remotely resembling a weapon. Toy guns, pocket knives, scissors and even a nail file should be checked in. Also in the cabin are prohibited to carry liquids in containers larger than 100 ml, except medicines and baby food. So all the shampoos and creams will fly in the Luggage compartment.
It is no secret that with suitcases and bags airport workers especially do not stand on ceremony. Their task is to make loading and unloading in the shortest possible time. Luggage throw, pile on top of each other, the bags can fall off the conveyor or to cling to something. Concern about the safety of things inside the suitcase lies on the shoulders of the passenger. Therefore it is possible to avoid the transport of fragile items. All glass items should be wrapped in foil with air bubbles, and then in clothes and laid in the depth of the bag, so that laterally they are not palpable. Anything that can spill, is wrapped in individual sealed bags.
At the bottom of the suitcase to fit bulky and heavy items, such as clothing and books. Every piece of shoes Packed in separate package and fold pairs of socks to the heel. Place the shoes along the edges of the suitcase to reinforce the walls. Crease easily things roll tight rollers or shift Jersey to avoid creases.
To save space cosmetic products it is better to take in small packages or buy already in place. All the detail of charging for phone, small cosmetic bags, socks, trunks – save it for later. They can easily be put between the big things, even if it seems that the bag is Packed to capacity.
Try to fasten the zipper. If it is difficult, it is better to put some things. At this pressure from inside and rough handling at the airport, the castle or the seams can not sustain and burst.
For better safety, wrap the trunk with a film of polyethylene. The service is provided in the terminal building for an additional fee. Packing will improve the strength of the suitcase will protect it from contamination, will not cling to everything protruding parts, and will bring disappointment to the thieves.