Man forges his own happiness. Natalia Vorotnikova

Leading astrologer of one of the famous magazines as well as a participant of the TV project "Battle of psychics" Natalia Vorotnikova believes that the answer to this question for each person is individual. The psychic explains that the religious preferences of the person based on the immortality of the soul. Most religious teachings recognize and clearly separates the two parallel existing world under the name of "good" and "evil". For example, in Christian teachings is heaven and hell.

Psychic Natalia Vorotnikova not quite understand how the people who survived talk about what life after death really is. After all, if their heart working again, the brain is not disconnected completely, and so was not the fact of death. The psychic explains the stories returned from the other world " a normal nervous reaction of the inflamed consciousness and the release of adrenaline in the blood. Vorotnikova sure that death is an irreversible biological process.

Given that clinical death is what the majority says, it turns out that death is an open passing point through which every dying can go back if you want. "Most likely, it not so" – said the psychic. In summary, Natalia Vorotnikova concludes: "it is Impossible to speak with confidence about the existence of the afterlife". In her opinion, the belief in the immortality of the soul is a fiction that helps humanity to understand the reality and inevitability of death, and to somehow sweeten the pill.

Life after death is. Robert Bruce and Robert Monroe

Bruce Robert is one of the most successful specialists stay outside the body according to the American journal of Enlightenment Next. Bruce says that repeatedly come into close contact with the souls of dead people. From them he had learned that life after death is not a fiction. He believes that a person after his death for some time dwells in the world of the living. His stay depends on how soon dissipates physical energy. Unfortunately, the soul of the deceased loses all ability to have any influence.

A psychic claims that instead of purgatory, heaven and hell souls go to the so-called "hospital". This is the place where they are supervised by "older" souls are cleansed, healed, restored and relocated in a new body. Another famous, but now deceased psychic Robert Monroe claimed that the souls after their physical death, are in a Garden that is most beautiful and the most mystical place in the afterlife. There they meet with other kindred and native souls, where and begin their gradual development before moving to a new body.