Why do bees bite

The bee can bite anyone – adult, child, pet, especially dogs, they are too gets. A bee sting is a reaction to a possible threat. Bees do not like loud sounds, noise, sudden movements, strong smells. For example, the smell of alcohol, perfume, sweat, onions and garlic brings them excitement and they are going to attack.

Not many people know that if a bee stung her fate is sealed. In the result of a bee sting the stinger penetrates deep under the skin. Trying to break free and fly away, a bee is making enormous efforts, but the sting along with a part of the intestine comes off. The wounded insect soon dies.

How to help if a bee sting

If bitten by a bee, first and foremost, you need to take out the sting. For this approach a needle, tweezers, gently pry off his fingernails. No need to squeeze the poison from the wound as this may introduce infection. In addition, the poison consists of various substances that can provoke an allergic reaction.

The bite of a bee will blush, will appear edema, burning sensation, itching, severe pain. These local symptoms gradually disappear after treatment of the wound with hydrogen peroxide or any alcohol-containing liquid. You can use salt water, weak solution of potassium permanganate. Cold (wet towel, bottle of water, ice) on the site of bee sting will reduce pain and swelling.

If bitten by a bee, folk remedies recommended on the sore spot, put the onion, lemon, tomato, Apple, parsley leaves, garlic and keep for half an hour.

Weakness, fever, headache, pallor and allergies to bee stings are more serious consequences of the attack of the insect. This toxic reaction occurs after being bitten by several bees at the same time. In this case you need to get the stinger out, treat the bite, a person to sit or lay, to ensure to drink plenty of liquids. To relieve symptoms of Allergy, use an antihistamine (tavegil, suprastin, diphenhydramine, claritin). In case of further deterioration of health to seek emergency medical care.

The most serious that can happen if the bee sting is swelling of the tongue and larynx, causing suffocation. When this interferes with my breathing begins to hurt the stomach, quickens the heartbeat. Need urgent medical attention. Before arrival of doctors need human heat wrap, give 30 drops of cardiamine and 2 tablets of diphenhydramine.

A further complication of the situation – stopping the heart and breathing to stop talking about the onset of anaphylactic shock leading to death. In this case, before the arrival of the ambulance to do chest compressions and artificial respiration.

How to help the dog if it got stung by a bee

If a bee stung your dog, you need to get the stinger out. Will need helpers, because the animal from pain and fear is to struggle and whine. The bitten place should be treated with iodine or potassium permanganate. To relieve pain you can do cold compress. Dissolved tablet of aspirin will help reduce pain. On this day, the dog may refuse to eat, it's not scary, but heavy drinking must be. With increasing temperature, the deterioration of the General condition of the animal will have to show the vet.