You will need
  • - tight clothes, gloves, hat with mosquito net;
  • Bank of water;
  • - boiling water;
  • - plastic bag;
  • - Scotch;
  • - poison for insects: traupel, "Moskitol protection from the OS", selnet;
  • - drug GET.
Find a hornet's nest on his land. Carefully observe the insects. Wasps like to arrange a dwelling under the roof of the house and other buildings. Evaluate the size and location of the nest. To completely get rid of OS can only be destroyed their home. If you bring insect poison, leaving the nest, the next year it would settle a new wasp family.
Start the fight with the wasps at dusk. Insects are active during the day and at night they rest in their home. Take care of your protection. Even sleepy wasps can severely bite the offender. Completely protect your body with clothes, put on gloves, and on her head a wide – brimmed hat with a mosquito net.
Take a glass jar or other container to the brim and fill it with water. Carefully bring the jar to the nest and soak it in it entirely. The nest must be kept under water for 5 minutes. During this time, all insects must die. Unfortunately, this simple and effective method can be applied only in the case when the socket is attached to a horizontal surface.
Wasp nest in ground boiling water. The deep socket you may need 2 buckets of boiling water. Then pour the entrance of the ground and thoroughly tamp.
Use plastic bags and poisons in the fight against the wasps, who built a nest on a vertical surface. Put the package on the socket and firmly press it to the wall, securing with tape. Follow the package hole and splash into the poison. You can use the following poisons in aerosol form: traupel, "Moskitol protection from the OS", solnet. Carefully seal the hole in the pack and leave the "gas chamber" for a few hours. Then remove the package and remove the nest with the dead insects.
The most difficult to deal with the wasps who built a nest in some inaccessible location, such as under the roof. To their home is not accessible without destroying the roofing. In this case, lubricate the entrance to the nest with a medication GET, which comes in the form of ointments. Wasps on the legs will bring the poison to the nest, leading to death of the whole family. After that, you need to carefully seal the hole, so that the following year the old nest is not settled, a new wasp family.