Symptoms of bot fly

In General, the bot fly is hard to miss, it literally bites into the skin as its quite thick compared to the mosquito, the sting almost instantly causing a painful sensation at the site of the bite. Simultaneously with the gadflies bite inject saliva into the wound with anticoagulants and toxins, so the blood was thinner, so wounds after their bites bleed for a long time. In the case when the bite is itchy, sore and even bleeding a few hours after you have become the victim of an attack, this means that has started an allergic reaction. In this case, often around the bite appears redness and even swelling. If bitten was a baby, his soft skin that can start to suppurate.
Botflies are carriers of dangerous diseases such as anthrax, tularemia, trypanosomiasis and filariasis.

First aid for the bite of gadfly

As soon as you detect a bite, wash the wound with warm water and soap or to treat it with hydrogen peroxide, brilliant green or iodine. If they are not at hand, any suitable alcohol-containing liquid, the same vodka, for example. If the bite was strong and painful, or when they were attacked, the child should drink a pain reliever.
The bitten place should not be touched and scratched, even when the wound itches. You can put on the infection and prevent rapid healing.

Use folk remedies. Suitable as a wound-healing plantain leaves, goutweed, dandelion. Tear them and rinse well in running water and grind to a pulp and apply on the wound. On top of it can make a bandage or pin the top folded several times the bandage with adhesive plaster. The milky juice of the dandelion, which stands on the site of the cut stem, can also help incuring the wound. You can apply onion by making a cut onion so that the juice got on the wound.

In the case when there is an allergic reaction, use antihistamines of marching kit. Watch bitten – Allergy can trigger anaphylactic shock. If he has fever, nausea and retching, difficulty breathing, should immediately deliver the person to the doctor or call an ambulance.

How to protect themselves from the bites of horseflies

Going to places where you can attack insects, wear closed clothes made of dense fabric, which they will not be able to bite. Make sure that the ankles and the neck was closed. Head cover with scarf or cap gadfly can bite, if the hair is short. Bring repellent, designed to repel these insects.