The evil eye is not just widespread, it's something you have to face almost daily. If a person is in society, in any case, someone there are negative thought forms directed at him. They create holes in his aura, through which the outflow of vital energy.

Is it possible to remove the evil eye, not turning to the professionals?

The easiest and effective way to remove the evil eye – a ritual using clean water and nine matches. For his conduct will need a glass of water, which is placed on the table between those who remove the evil eye, and removed. Each match lit from the previous one and is held in the fingers until, until you start to burn them. For each match, said: "the ninth... not eight... not seven..." and so on. After the match burns out, you have to throw it in the water.

If drowned all nine matches, then the person induced severe damage and must be removed by a professional. If drowned, five matches and more – the evil eye was, and very powerful. If drowned 1-5 matches, then the ritual must be repeated the next day. If all the matches float on the water surface, so the person is clean.

Other methods of removing the evil eye

The reality is that constantly having to deal with the evil eye. There are simple and energy-consuming methods that allow daily to get rid of third-party negative. For example, taking a shower before bed, you can imagine that the water washes away all muddy and bad. This rendering will allow just physically feel like you are coming off all extraneous things that interfere with the normal exchange of energy.

Another way of removing the evil eye – when taken a glass ¾ filled with water. It lowered 3 tablespoons. Each of them should prevent the water, scoop it and pour back into the glass, while saying: "How not urocissa spoon, so not urocissa (your name)". Once all three spoons were involved, otpeyte three SIPS of this water, and that will remain, wash. You will immediately feel better.

Is it possible to protect against the evil eye? Of course, Yes. For this there are all kinds of amulets, little images of saints, which are worn with you; for children are best suited Turkish bracelets with stylized "eyes". If the bracelet is destroyed or lost, so he could not stand the pent-up negativity, and it is time to replace it with a new one.