It is proved that the phenomenon of the evil eye, is absolutely real. Moreover, people may overlook the other as purposefully and randomly, unwittingly. If no reason, no reason at all you have overcome causeless weakness, freewheeling yawning, everything goes wrong – most likely, you have become the victim of someone's evil eye.

Is it possible to get rid of evil eye?

How to remove the evil eye yourself? Actually it is not so difficult, moreover, every man ought to know and how to do it. The evil eye is a very common phenomenon, and need to know how to help yourself and your loved ones.

The most popular method of removing the evil eye with the use of water and matches available to everyone. It is that after sunset, at a table sit two men – the one who remove the evil eye, and the one who shoots. Last lights a match and holds it in front of the partner, reading the "Our father". Match needs to burn for as long as possible, after which she rushes into the water. And so 9 matches. If the burnt match sink in water, the evil eye was enough silnyy. If drowned all 9 matches, the ritual must be repeated the next day.

Remove the evil eye with the help of spoons and water. In a glass Cup the water is dialed by two-thirds, it put 4 tablespoons. Alternately scooping each spoon water from a glass, prigovarivaya: "How not urocissa spoon, so not urocissa (your name)". Water from a spoon pour back into the glass. Then otpeyte 3 SIPS of this water and the remaining water wash.

But if jinxed child?

If a small child suddenly becomes sleepy and cranky, perhaps it was jinxed. In this case, it is necessary to wash with Holy water (if no suitable normal water), and wipe the face, the underside hem maternity gown or dress.

These methods are very effective in the evil eye. If you held a ritual, but you are not getting better, then either the cause of your poor health is not someone negative, and the usual malaise or negativity rather serious and it will not work to remove yourself. In both cases you need to turn to professionals.

How to protect yourself from others negativity?

How to protect from the evil eye? The easiest way to pin it to the underside of the garment in an inconspicuous area easy pin points upwards. For children it is good to wear pendants and bracelets with Turkish icon from the evil eye from the negative impact they can be destroyed or lost, in this case, the guardian should be replaced. However, the best protection against the evil eye, which is always with you is your smile and a positive attitude. Happy man transcend the negative impact from the outside.