The removal of weak damage

Weak damage or the evil eye effective healing methods is special breathing exercises, which will help to burn the negative and return it to the person who sent it. It requires to sit down and put a watch in which have a second hand. The spine should be straight, hands must be placed on the knees or to hang freely. Then you need to fully exhale out all the air, hold your breath for 20 seconds, catch your breath and repeat the exercise again. In one session should be performed at least 5 approaches.
If you run this exercise for a month, evil eye damage and will be "unstuck" at an early stage.

Baptized people can remove the damage by cleaning up candles, new in the Church. You need to take bought a candle in your right hand and hold yourself from top to bottom and Vice versa, reading the "our father". You then need to cross plugs and carefully watch her – if she constantly is cracking badly or smoke, so the negative impact is still the place to be. In areas where the candle makes a crackling sound, you need seven times to draw it the cross, by repeating "In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit. Amen." It will be good if someone will repeat the same procedure with the back of a man which remove the damage.

The removal of the strong induced damage. How and what to do in this situation?

For removing the damage there are a large number of proven conspiracies and prayers, but just reading them is not enough. The most effective damage is removed at the waning moon, the conspiracy need to read at least three or four times in a row, every day and in the future for fifteen days (on average). It is desirable to recite them in the water, which then need to sprinkle the sick and give it to him to drink constantly.
If directly in contact with the patient is not possible, conspiracies against damage, you can read in front of his photograph.

Also in the course of treatment and for three months after it is strictly forbidden to use any food of animal origin, tobacco, and alcoholic beverages. This is due to the fact that the cleansing of negativity needs not only a spiritual body, but physical as well. A good conspiracy from severe damage is the following prayer, in reading which need continually to be baptized.

And to protect themselves from negativity in the future, you should change yourself from the inside to the side of good, to observe fasts and visit the Church.