Not everyone is able to defend yourself against negativity from the outside, so that almost any person from time to time subjected to energy attacks from others – both deliberate and accidental. In these reasons that anyone ought to learn without assistance to diagnose yourself in the presence of the evil eye and to get rid of it. It is not difficult to do using conventional chicken eggs.

How to remove evil eye with egg?

One of the basic rules in magic is a well-known law of conservation of energy: nothing can just disappear, any negativity should be somewhere moved – or someone, or something. An object in which focus is removed from a person's negativity, it is an ordinary hen's egg. Ideally, you should use svezhenanesennoj the egg of the chicken that feeds on natural food, but if you have nowhere to get it, you can use a normal, store-bought. The main thing - that used in this ritual, the egg was raw.

Be careful not to damage the yolk, crack the egg into a container filled with water – you can use any glass jar or a glass. This capacity to put night under the headboard of my bed. In the morning, carefully consider the contents of the glass: the more deformed it looks, the more serious and dangerous negativity had on you. You should be especially alert to the appearance of black specks on the stretching from the eggs to the surface of the water threads: in most cases, this means that you have an enemy that is alone or with the help of the magician-professional did you damage to death. Pour contents of the jar into the bowl and discard the container.

Removing negativity from the chakras with eggs

In many cases, the evil eye affects one of the seven chakras – energy centers, each of which is responsible for the condition of specific organs and specific areas of his life. The evil eye on the second chakra, for example, can make you unattractive to members of the opposite sex, and rooted on the fifth chakra, the negative does not allow a person to clearly convey their ideas to others. Fortunately, using a chicken egg, you can clear the chakras from negativity.

For this egg move first to the anterior projection of the base of the spine – in other words, to the pubic bone and hold there for a while reading about the prayer "our father". If you are not a follower of the Christian egregor, use visualization, imagining that the egg, like a magnet, pulls you out everything is dark and bad. Then repeat the same in the area of the lower abdomen; around navel; in chest at heart level; at the neck – where the thyroid gland; close to the forehead, and finally over his head – that there are so-called "crown" chakra.

After cleaning the egg throw in the toilet or burn it. Prigovarivaya thus: "come, there and gone." In this case, the negativity will come back to him who brought it upon you.