The evil eye is a very common phenomenon, which is harmful to the notorious sceptics, no less than those people who believe in its existence. Moreover, in order for someone to jinx it, some people do not have to make any effort – just get angry at the person or to envy him. Especially the "glasovima", that is able to jinx it – accidentally or intentionally – are people with dark – black or dark brown eyes. Among Muslims, people with this eye color is very rare and perhaps this is partly why many believe that the Muslim evil eye is very dangerous and its removal is not so easy.

How does the evil eye Muslim and who to contact for help?

The evil eye is different from the more serious negative, for example, damage, the fact that it appears on the person does not need to see a specialist or to perform any rituals. Just enough anger to see the man, and soon he gets weak and dizzy, before the eyes will start to flicker black flies, and his sleep will be restless and will not bring long-awaited vacation.

If the evil eye is not a very strong believer and feels more or less bearable, for removing negativity he can read over the water Muslim prayer against the evil eye - and then drink a few SIPS of this water and wash her. If he is unable to operate properly, then ask for help to someone close or to a practicing specialist in the field of magic.

How to remove evil eye Muslim

To relieve a strong evil eye Muslim you should prepare carefully. First, do the house cleaning and wash all the floors, then get out of it family members (and Pets) in addition, who is going to treat; you must also bring from home pictures of people and living beings, as well as various amulets and Power objects. Cleanse the body, remove all jewelry, do not drink wine or smoke before performing the ritual.

If the victim of the evil eye was a woman, it is important that when lifting near her was her husband or a blood relative male. Over whom the evil eye is removed, it is necessary to read from the evil eye Surah al-Ikhlas and al-Muawidhatan is one of the Suras that constitute the content of the Quran. Such method of removal of the Muslim evil eye is very effective, because no other Holy Scriptures is not as ancient and sacred as the Koran. Immediately after the ritual of removing the evil eye would feel better.