Advice 1: How to remove evil eye Muslim

It is believed that if the negative person has been induced, for example, the Roma, and to remove it needs a Gypsy. The same applies to the evil eye, the culprit of which were made by people of the Muslim faith. At removing the evil eye Muslim has its own specific characteristics.
How to remove evil eye Muslim
The evil eye is a very common phenomenon, which is harmful to the notorious sceptics, no less than those people who believe in its existence. Moreover, in order for someone to jinx it, some people do not have to make any effort – just get angry at the person or to envy him. Especially the "glasovima", that is able to jinx it – accidentally or intentionally – are people with dark – black or dark brown eyes. Among Muslims, people with this eye color is very rare and perhaps this is partly why many believe that the Muslim evil eye is very dangerous and its removal is not so easy.

How does the evil eye Muslim and who to contact for help?

The evil eye is different from the more serious negative, for example, damage, the fact that it appears on the person does not need to see a specialist or to perform any rituals. Just enough anger to see the man, and soon he gets weak and dizzy, before the eyes will start to flicker black flies, and his sleep will be restless and will not bring long-awaited vacation.

If the evil eye is not a very strong believer and feels more or less bearable, for removing negativity he can read over the water Muslim prayer against the evil eye - and then drink a few SIPS of this water and wash her. If he is unable to operate properly, then ask for help to someone close or to a practicing specialist in the field of magic.

How to remove evil eye Muslim

To relieve a strong evil eye Muslim you should prepare carefully. First, do the house cleaning and wash all the floors, then get out of it family members (and Pets) in addition, who is going to treat; you must also bring from home pictures of people and living beings, as well as various amulets and Power objects. Cleanse the body, remove all jewelry, do not drink wine or smoke before performing the ritual.

If the victim of the evil eye was a woman, it is important that when lifting near her was her husband or a blood relative male. Over whom the evil eye is removed, it is necessary to read from the evil eye Surah al-Ikhlas and al-Muawidhatan is one of the Suras that constitute the content of the Quran. Such method of removal of the Muslim evil eye is very effective, because no other Holy Scriptures is not as ancient and sacred as the Koran. Immediately after the ritual of removing the evil eye would feel better.

Advice 2: How to determine the hex yourself

There are many professionals who offer to determine whether you the evil eye or not. Unfortunately, among these professionals are too many scams. At the same time, there are many ways to determine jinxed you or not. We propose to use some of them.
How to determine the hex yourself
For the first method you will need a clear glass, water and raw egg. The egg must be fresh.

A glass filled with pure water, put on the head. Your assistant should break the egg and gently pour it into the water. It is important that the yolk remained intact.

In two minutes you can determine jinxed you or not. If the water in the glass transparent and clean as before the experiment, and the egg is safely located on the bottom of the glass, then rest assured: the evil eye on you. If the eggs are drawn up milky strands, similar to the tentacles of jellyfish, it is necessary to sound the alarm. Most likely, you really jinxed.
For the second method, the desired thin Church candle. This method is even simpler. Take a candle, and hold it a few seconds above his head. Then a few times this candle, raise and lower. Next, hold it near the nose. Again, wait 5-10 seconds and finally pull the candle itself. The same procedures slide along the whole body gradually down below. If the candle began to splutter, or soot, probably you are cursed.
You can define the evil eye with a match and a glass of water. Burn three matches and drop them into the water. If matches do not sink – no evil eye. If they are in the water was in a vertical position – you are cursed. Well, if you match drowned - induced damage.
And finally, evil eye can be determined by your personal wellbeing. If you from person feel negative, you feel uncomfortable with him not only to communicate, but just to be around, and after talking with this person, you began to feel ill, appeared unfounded anxiety and fear, the chills, like the flu, you may this person is jinxed.
We hope that by using our tips, you will find yourself from the evil eye. If you really jinxed, don't despair. If the evil eye to detect, in most cases to remove it yourself.
If You signed up to a specialist for a session or diagnosis, and for some reason he doesn't come, this indicates the presence of severe damage, which completely controls You (You are already a puppet of the dark forces).
Useful advice
How to determine the hex on their own, without resorting to witch doctors and fortune tellers? Signs of evil eye is quite varied, but mostly it affects the weaknesses of a person. Often the evil eye is manifested in the deterioration of health, for example, if the person is accompanied by headaches, they will intensify and become more frequent. Take three Church candles, in the evening before bed put them on the table and light up, read the prayer to the virgin Mary, then three crosshairs, if the candles begin to smoke, sizzle or go out on you imposed the evil eye or damage.

Advice 3: How to remove negativity from the person

Often, the cause of all the ills man is the negative effects which may be induced intentionally or unintentionally. To the negative carry charms, evil eye, curses, crown of celibacy, etc. There are various effective ways of removing the negativity. To get rid of harmful effects by choosing the most suitable method.
How to remove negativity from the person
You will need
  • - water
  • - candle
  • - the egg
  • Sol
  • mirror
  • prayers
Dial a glass of water. Break an egg into it. Bring to your mouth (but don't drink) and say: "Let all the bad-bad go away in this vessel. Let all the bad-bad get this." At night, place a glass under the bed. In the morning pour into the sewer with the words: "Mother Earth, take away all the bad - bad from me, take it all for recycling. Mother Earth, take all the bad-bad." Repeat this procedure daily for 9 days.
Dial bath water. The water should be warm but not hot. Mix 9 tablespoons of salt. Say: "Salt and water, take all the bad". Lie down in the tub and are there for a while until you feel that the negativity recedes. Then start to flush and say: "Take all the bad and good leave me."
You will need Holy water, incense and a wax candle. Fill the glass with Holy water. Light the incense and candle. Hold the candle over the water. When the wax will begin to drip into the water, say: "How the candle burned, so that the evil I was working". Blow out a candle, extinguish the incense and read the prayer to the venerable cross".
You will need a basin, water and salt. Fill the basin with a little water to it was ankle-deep. With the left hand sprinkle in the water a handful of salt, as much as will fit in the hand. Stand in basin for 15 minutes. Imagine how you leave the negative energy. You can even imagine that you falls down a black blanket. This procedure should be done daily for 10-15 days.
Upon waking take an egg and slide it in front of him from head to toe 22 times, then from head to toe, many times. Go outside and bury the egg in the ground with the words: "Mother Earth, put out damage". Do the same for 9 days.
You will need two mirrors. One set in front, another behind, behind. Put your hands into the lock. You should look in the mirror and read to myself, not mouthing the following lines:
"Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit. Amen.
As this reflection on the field not to walk,
in the womb do not lie,
so I can just destroy negativity.
Through this glass, for this body, through this case.
My angel, you're with me.
I'm here, and I for you.
Keys, locks, lips, teeth.
Word hard case Lepko.
In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit. Amen."
This ritual needed to be home all alone, when the moon drops. It is important to avoid any sources of noise. Turn off the TV, phone, etc. Then stand so that your face looked to the West, close your eyes and say a prayer: "in the Name of God the Father, in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Name of the blessed virgin Mary rid you of the Servant of God (name) is evil. All the evil on me, wash. From the evil that is me, purified. I'm clean, clean, clean." Read prayer 5 times. After that, take a shower, imagining the water washing away all negativity. Perform this procedure for five days. This ceremony is recommended one to three times a month for prevention.

Advice 4: How to call a child a Muslim

Muslim names symbolic. They determine the future of a child and carry some information about the person. The basic principle in choosing a Muslim name is permitted by Shariah.
How to call a child a Muslim
When choosing a Muslim name for your child, be sure to consult a special dictionary-dictionary. It not only lists all the names, but also explains what means and how to translate a particular name.
Islam stands out five categories of names that are considered good. The best of them for boys Abdullah and Abdurrahman. They are the favorite names of Allah.
Good also are the names denoting the worship of and obedience to Allah. It's like Abdulaziz, Abdulmalik, Abdurrahim, Abdussalam.
You can select the name of a prophet or messenger. The best of which are Muhammad and Ahmad and, Musa, ISA and Ibrahim.
The next category are the names of the Prophet's companions and the righteous slaves of Allah.
Calling the child a Muslim name, remember that he to live with him. So choose one that will not cause discomfort and negative reactions from others. And also not to create any problems in the future.
Unwanted names include expressing humility or servanthood not to Allah. For example, Abd ar-Rasul means Messenger, servant, and Abd-al-Amir translated as servant ruler. It is not necessary to give their children names of angels and verses of the Qur'an, such as Yasin and TA-Ha, as well as designating sin (Soric thief), some animals (Khimar is a jackass).
Do not add to the name the words "Dean" and "Islam". For example, Nur UD-DIN, which means the light of religion, or, Well, the wheel-Islam, which translates as the light of Islam. It is not necessary to add any words to the name of Allah (Hesabu-llah). The only exception is the word "Abd", which is considered acceptable. For Example, Abdullah.
Look at the name from different angles. Listen to him on harmony and compatibility with the prefix Abu. Think how it will fit children your son. And will sound like "Son of so-and-so, son of so-and-so", as is customary in Islam.
Choosing a name according to Muslim tradition remains with the father. But it is desirable to know opinion about the name and the mother of the baby.

Advice 5: How to remove yourself from yourself the evil eye or damage

Any person, inadvertently may become a victim of the evil eye or damage, enough to cause someone's anger, envy or hatred. To counter the magical interference of enemies and the envious, it is better to equip yourself with knowledge on how to remove the evil eye or damage.
The magical effects of prying eyes

Techniques for self-purification from the evil eye or damage

Profitable business, happy marriage, good health, can become the cause of envy of others. Human nature is arranged in such a way that the success of others are often annoying and in some cases cause a lot of envy and anger. Thus, the envious can jinx or put a spell, both independently and with the help of magical services.

The victim of the evil eye or damage is feeling dejected, because these magical effects affect the emotional state of the victim, causes weakening of personal qualities, a complete or partial suppression of the will, the development of depression and a significant deterioration of General health.

If the first symptoms are gradually appearing, you should take immediate action and try to remove the evil eye or damage. There are some proven effective ways:

Daily, at dawn, you must read morning prayer, which have miraculous powers of healing and protection interventions in the human energy field.

Exercising, especially swimming, running, yoga, strengthen not only the body but also the spiritual shell.

Promptly after the detection of the above symptoms should go to Church and Church to put a candle before an icon of the virgin, mentally wishing all visible and invisible enemies health and well-being.

To prevent the evil eye and spoilage, it is desirable to regularly take a bath with soluble sea salt or pine broth.

Auxiliary means for effectively removing the evil eye or damage

To protect yourself from evil looks and evil thoughts of others you can use available, common items and procedures.
Pectoral cross, consecrated in the Church, is considered the most strong deterrent.

A small mirror round shape that you can carry, symbolically reflects magic attacks in the aura of its owner.

Bath procedures using birch brooms has long been considered effective restoring and strengthening the mental powers of man, cleansing from the negative destructive vibrations outside influence.

Magical effect on the person it is impossible to prove and predict. But even a cursory knowledge of how unaided to cleanse themselves from the evil eye or damage is able to protect from unwanted consequences and tragic events.
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