How to determine the evil eye

To determine whether there is at you an evil eye, go to the temple Church and put a candle for health. In case you are cursed, your health may deteriorate. You may feel nausea, dizziness, weakness in the legs.

The first thing to do upon returning home is take a shower. While you need to imagine that together with water you wash away all negative and someone else's. Very good protection against the evil eye bath, which allows us to derive all of the energy contamination.

How to get rid of the evil eye independently

Will help to get rid of the evil eye any vigorous shake of the body - for example, bath, energetic dancing, fast running or intense physical work.

Faithful companion in removing the evil eye may be a cat. It is believed that these animals possess supernatural powers. Your pet can remove from you the evil eye, did not affected.

For removing evil eye is very effective geranium. Get this plant and put the pots of geraniums in areas of your apartment where you usually spend most of the time.

If you have a very strong evil eye, and the above simple ways will not help, use a more effective method. This will need to get fresh egg white, not lying in the fridge. Rinse it under running water – this is to ensure that it is the most energetically cleared.

The ceremony of rolling out the evil eye egg is best done early in the morning in a lighted room. The room should stand a lit Church candle.

After all the preparations, proceed with the ritual. Take in the right hand the egg and start to roll it on the body without departing in a clockwise direction. During the entire process of rolling out should always recite the prayer, "our father." To start this activity with the head, you then roll the egg on the neck, down the spine, the back, etc. to Finish required when you the egg will be at the level of the ankles.

When the ritual is complete, break the egg into a Cup or bowl of water. A few minutes wait. If the egg has no damage and the yolk protein lay on the bottom, so you were able to remove the evil eye.

After the procedure will certainly get rid of the eggs and the water used in the rite. It is desirable to bury them somewhere in a deserted place. Don't forget then to wash and take a few SIPS of sanctified water.

Additional recommendations

With the whammy you need to adhere to certain rules. Every day you should pray: "our father" and visit the Church to put a candle for health. Within 2 weeks of the ritual do not eat foods containing fish and meat, and drink alcohol.

It must be remembered that magic rituals can not be carried out for entertainment, take them seriously. This will allow you to protect yourself and your loved ones from harm.

If you still failed to get rid of the evil eye yourself, you should consult a psychic or a medicine man.