"Jinxed!" practically the first thing they say the years, wise relatives and friends of a young mother in those situations when the child is no apparent reason behaves restless. If the child filled with tears, although fed, changed and is warm as well as not to contact, and actively spinning, the evil eye becomes the first assumption.

What is the evil eye

The evil eye, according to psychics, is a form of psychic attack when she is done with a single glance.
This evil eye is not easily earned himself, but to send themselves to another person. Even without conscious intent.

Also called the evil eye, negative energy, which was aimed at one person or another and picks up all his life force. Moreover, the stronger this energy is, the greater will be the destruction.

Also to overlook include specially conducted sessions of magic, aimed at building damage, spell, etc.

Why is the evil eye more often affects children? The reason is simple: kids are more attracted the attention of adults, even strangers. But just enough to make a person with negative energy admired the child that he started to have symptoms that esoterics is called the evil eye.

The evil eye is not the will of man, but as a consequence of feelings of envy.

The symptoms of the problem

Experts even found a few symptoms that may point to the phenomenon of the evil eye. Of course, some of them because of their age, newborns can't specify. But if the mother, worried about the strange and unexplained behavior of your baby, look carefully, she might discover them.

So, symptoms of evil eye are:
- unpleasant sensations in district of a solar plexus;
- increased and pronounced aggression, irritability, or, conversely, suddenly appeared excessive indecision;
- drowsiness, etc.

What to do if a child is jinxed

If you suspect your child has the evil eye, the first thing to do is to wash it with Holy water. Alternatively, sometimes we encourage her to drink. In any case, the harm from such a procedure will not.
Experts say that to wash the child with Holy water from the evil eye is necessary in a specific pattern: the underside of the cloth or the hem of clockwise.

Also you should protect yourself before going outside. To child nobody jinxed, it is recommended to tie him on the left hand red string, rope or ribbon.

A lot of ways and if you believe national signs, you can use them. Just remember that they must be safe for the child, ie, salt the tops and wipe the face of the baby breast milk – it is fundamentally wrong and even dangerous to the health of the child. Also, remember that official confirmation of all these theories do not have.