For the first method you will need a clear glass, water and raw egg. The egg must be fresh.

A glass filled with pure water, put on the head. Your assistant should break the egg and gently pour it into the water. It is important that the yolk remained intact.

In two minutes you can determine jinxed you or not. If the water in the glass transparent and clean as before the experiment, and the egg is safely located on the bottom of the glass, then rest assured: the evil eye on you. If the eggs are drawn up milky strands, similar to the tentacles of jellyfish, it is necessary to sound the alarm. Most likely, you really jinxed.
For the second method, the desired thin Church candle. This method is even simpler. Take a candle, and hold it a few seconds above his head. Then a few times this candle, raise and lower. Next, hold it near the nose. Again, wait 5-10 seconds and finally pull the candle itself. The same procedures slide along the whole body gradually down below. If the candle began to splutter, or soot, probably you are cursed.
You can define the evil eye with a match and a glass of water. Burn three matches and drop them into the water. If matches do not sink – no evil eye. If they are in the water was in a vertical position – you are cursed. Well, if you match drowned - induced damage.
And finally, evil eye can be determined by your personal wellbeing. If you from person feel negative, you feel uncomfortable with him not only to communicate, but just to be around, and after talking with this person, you began to feel ill, appeared unfounded anxiety and fear, the chills, like the flu, you may this person is jinxed.
We hope that by using our tips, you will find yourself from the evil eye. If you really jinxed, don't despair. If the evil eye to detect, in most cases to remove it yourself.