Going beyond the stereotypes - a good sign

One of the accurate signs of sympathy, interest in communicating with her. When the girl takes the initiative (calls, writes, offers to meet) beyond the imposed social etiquette, it means that her feelings are strong enough. After all, when there are real emotions, you can forget about niceties like the belief that a man should take the initiative first. But don't just let her with him to chat, if this process is unilateral, even the most loving girl will lose interest in you because you can't always play in one gate".

Emotional attachments also indicate "seriousness". Under this term we can understand the sincere involvement of girls in your communication. When she tries to amuse, entertain, cheer up, it's safe to say that she likes you.

Girls in love begin to consider your interests. When the stage of flirting and flirting is passed, it included feelings, girls begin to take into account and focus on your desires. Most likely you will meet where you prefer and when you prefer. If your passion puts in the forefront your wants and needs, not paying attention to your, most likely, her interest in you waned.

Inspiration is the Foundation of love

But the main symptom of love can be considered inspiration. Meeting you should encourage the girl. If, after the visits, she says or writes to you that she was okay, easy, she had the desire to do something new, it means she loves you. Positive emotions from the meeting — the only sure sign of an existing love. It is therefore important to make every date special. After all, the impossibility of meeting a girl in love sometimes it seems a real tragedy. If she tells you that without you it is bad, boring, sad, dim, means you are a significant part of her life. Girls are very fast and very very attached to men, which diversify the life, make it not so monotonous.

However, to understand that the girl is in love with you not only on her behavior. Try to focus on your feeling when you are around her. Your intuition should tell you whether your girlfriend loves you. Well, if you used to go ahead, ask her directly. But be prepared that the answer may be you and not to please.