A man in love will seize any opportunity to spend time with you. If you notice that someone pays you more attention than usual, then perhaps this behavior is a consequence of sincere attachment to you.
Pay attention to how it applies to you. If you feel the care and tenderness on his part, then consider what is the reason for this attitude. Often people trying to gain favor in your eyes, in pursuit of their personal interests. The man, who truly loves you, makes it all free of charge, based only on his desire to please you.
It can be concluded that the person is not indifferent to you, if your request does not go unnoticed and ignored. Typically, when you love someone, you try to fulfill any request, even the most insignificant.
Find out from your mutual friends, whether changing the behavior of a person of your interest when you are out. Most often in the company of the object of sighs the lovelorn is experiencing strong emotions. All this is manifested in different ways: someone gets nervous, not giving his companion say a word, someone, on the contrary, withdraws into himself and is silent throughout the conversation.
The look can also be the sign by which you can determine what applies to you. Pay attention to the pupils. If a person is indifferent to you, then their size will be increased. Many people are embarrassed and avert their eyes when experiencing the tender feelings.
If a person is constantly calling you, looking for the reason for the meeting, it is likely that he is in love. However, various signs of attention, for example, presentation of colors, not always to be regarded as an indicator of the true feelings of the giver. Unfortunately, the words "I love you" also cannot be the guarantor of true love.