Sympathy or nervousness?

If you can't identify the ratio of girls to himself, for the beginning start with her non-committal conversation. It will help you to better understand what a girl feels, when you talk to her – watch her reaction to your words, smiles, if she laughs in the answer to your jokes. This will be the first step to establish contact between you.

The important point is the behavior of the girl during a conversation – if she straightens her hair or looking in the mirror, so she wants to please you.

If the communication turns out to be but the interests of the girls do not match your perceptions about traditional women's interests, do not rush to burn it in the ranks of strange ladies. Try to find out more about her style – when she will be embarrassed and lose control over the course of the conversation, it means she likes you, probably. The mistake is to assume the usual flirting with the girls a sign of sympathy for you, she may flirt in a friendly way, not wanting to offend you with a sharp refusal. However, it is possible that she really flirts with you to continue Dating. Try to estimate your chances don't use logic, and intuitive.

Movement and behavior

The girl who likes a guy will try to touch him as often as possible, disguising it under quite ordinary gestures. To correct the gates of the sweater, to Cup, touching fingers, touch his knee under the table, to remove hair from the eyes – if a girl behaves in a similar way and embarrassed at the same time, you sure she's really cute.

Always try to answer you are interested in a girl back, so she felt confident and showed further sympathy.

Look carefully at her eyes. If the girl takes him or, on the contrary, looks you straight in the eye, it may indicate her interest in you. However, there are some nuances: in the first case, she is quite confident and will soon make the first move. The second case speaks about her insecurities and the anticipation of the first step from your side. If you really like her, don't keep the lady waiting.

Finally, the ratio of girls to himself can be identified by its desire to attract your attention. Ways to do this girls have a huge amount, but almost always they symbolize only one thing – "I like You and I want to please you."