A loving woman completely trusts his beloved. And trust not only in words but also in deeds. Doesn't keep from you any secrets, fully tells about his meetings and new friendships acquaintances with men. If you registered in any social networks, you can trust usernames and passwords to their accounts, from e-mail, Skype and "ICQ". If you ask her about her ex-Boyfriends and relations with them, it will tell you everything. Except, of course, most intimate moments.
Ask her about how she sees its future. And you'll see whether she's going to build it with or without you. Loving woman does not hide the fact or the content of her telephone conversation no matter who she calls. And if you ask her a personal mobile device, freely give. If your spouse really loves you, she won't lie to you. So, if ever you learn that your spouse went to an entertainment event without you, this would be a serious signal about her feelings. Or rather, lack thereof.
Watch how often your partner touches you. For loving women and for loving men, it is very important as often as possible to touch the object of his adoration. Especially important is fleeting, unconscious touch. This means that her feelings for you are still strong enough. Importantly, the delight with which it can be applied to the various contacts of the bodies: to embrace, to simple touching hands, kissing.
Please note, affectionately if she talks to you. Even in a drunken state loving woman will not tell the address of your favorite bad words or insults. Also a sure sign of her love for you – the desire of ladies to make you something nice to please you, the desire to please you. For example, it could easily surprise you can cook something delicious, to make the hairstyle or to wear that dress you like.