Remember how often you hear from her warm words and recognition of feelings to you whether you tell her the same? Because between the two of you should be relationship and constant feedback. If you love her and talk to her about it, and in response to receiving only the standard phrases and, looking her in the eyes, can not see the warmth, she is definitely indifferent to you.
However, when the relationship just born, should not require admissions. Because love doesn't come the next day after acquaintance, it will take some time for it to sort out their feelings to you. But if you pressure constant questions, it will only provoke a quarrel or breakup.
Not does your fiancee have sex, referring to a headache or malaise? If so, think about the sincerity of her feelings; she may have nothing to do with you. Because sincerity is an important part of relationships, so if you ever caught her in a lie, keep in mind that this is not the last time.
Love gives freedom, but at the same time imposes a number of obligations. A woman is not thinking about that, giving their feelings, she must receive something in return, and all sensations depend only on the strength of feelings.
A loving person is always jealous. Maybe a little bit and not always show it, but in case of disputable situation, always ask about the details. Although many women are very sensitive to the previous relations of their men, constantly trying to find out if they are not supported now.
You know her family and friends about your existence? If Yes, then she sees your relationship as "serious", but if she's anyone of you says, it is likely that she doesn't have about you future plans.
Experiencing tender feelings, the woman will not notice the weight of your faults and "poke" them in the nose. She sees only the good side of you and loves you with all flaws and virtues, not separating them, because he understands that without them, you will lose the harmony of the image, which she loves.