To determine the level of commercialism is very simple. Signs of commercialism in girls can occur on the first date. Not to wait, when she will extort money from you, pay attention to detail. It can manifest in the form of phrases like: "How long have I been dreaming about this blouse" in the women's clothing store, in which you as if accidentally dropped, hiding from the drizzling rain.
If your girlfriend says that her friend Svetka guy earns disproportionately more than you, that's your sign that she's interested in money much more than all your problems put together, and that means you.
If you didn't notice, perform an elementary test. Leave your purse at home, taking only the money for the trip. And having met the girl, honestly admit that today you have no money and you suggest not to cancel this date, and, for example, take a stroll along the promenade. In response to your offer you will be able to determine that the girl you are interested in.
Girls often use men as a fallback when determining which of its suitors to choose from. Giving preference to one, the second becomes the object of the game on the feelings, and to kick out yet it is a pity, but serious feelings for him to speak, too is not necessary. If you are satisfied with the role of the second plan, this paragraph can be omitted if no, then pay attention to the following points. In cases where you first and not someone else, your girlfriend is unlikely to drop an incoming call from you.
A certain type of girls plays on the feelings of the guys in perfecting the art of seduction. Don't fall victim to girls pick up artist is difficult enough if she practices it long enough and competently. If you met a girl, the chance to become a man with a broken heart at the moment when the feeling in his peak, is very high. Experienced girl pick up artist did not show for described in the above paragraphs. In addition, its purpose is to fall in love with themselves, and thus, no doubt that you are using, you should not occur. To determine this type can only be that at the very first stage experience initiative, often hidden, comes from her. That is, if your car neatly into the Parking lot late model g-wagon, and it left the female driver with a charming smile, then most likely you are a victim.