Advice 1: How to know that my wife does not like

If the wife was to give you less time, then it is worth considering, if she has feelings for you? You can it is no longer interested in, and then the best way out is separation. Although this method is very painful, especially if you love your wife, but it's better than to suffer with the unloved man. Let's find out what points to the dislike of wife to you.
You will need
  • Wife, observation, patience
1) a Woman who does not love does not want intimacy.
Sexual relationships are the key to a happy marriage. Regular sex helps to improve mood, strengthen relationships, and love for a spouse. If a woman constantly avoids bed, then maybe she is not interested man. Also, she could appear a lover who satisfies her completely.
2) Wife does not respect you.
Husband and wife – two relatives of a person who should respect each other. It was on respect and understanding in relationships. Respecting a loved one for care, understanding and diligence, you once again show your love. Respect the interests of his second half. He did not impose his opinion, because everyone is entitled to their point of view. If your wife is constantly trying to humiliate you, focuses on your weaknesses, but does not see the advantages and not paying attention to your needs, then she doesn't love and appreciate you.
3) Favorite constantly looking at other men.
When the wife out on the street all the time stares at other men who buys women's magazines with their pictures, watching movies, where there is a lot of guys, then you should consider her attitude towards you. A woman who feels sympathy for his elect, will never pay attention to strange men, because she only needs her other half.
4) the Wife does not want to spend time with you.
Family relationships involve constant sitting in each other's company. Watching a movie, going to the movies or a restaurant joint cleaning – these are things that unite people in love. If your wife constantly tries to get away from you, citing a date with your girlfriends or going to your mother, then you can tell her you are not interested. Woman avoids your company, then when she bored with you.
5) the Woman constantly scandals.
How long have you heard the accusations in your direction? If this happens all the time and no day without scandal, then you should consider her feelings for you. In this case the wife can make a scandal out of nothing. It is unlikely that the woman you care about will test your nerves to the test and constantly annoy you.
How do you know that <strong>wife</strong> does not like
Sometimes some of the reasons that indicate that wife doesn't love you, may be a different story. Therefore, before drawing final conclusions, we should talk about exactly what is happening with his wife.
Useful advice
To know how does you wife will help only your powers of observation. Don't listen to other people's advice, even if it's close relatives. Draw your own conclusions.

Advice 2 : What if a wife loves her husband

Love – the finest feeling on earth that gave rise to many theories about its nature. Scientists tried to deduce the formula of love, claimed that she lives for three years, but these studies are still not help us to understand how there is love, and where this feeling disappears.
What if a wife loves her husband
Loving people marry and sometimes you start to believe that the ring on the ring finger will make their Union stronger and protect the family vehicle from shoals and reefs. Unfortunately, love can and married people.
If loving husband think that his wife was cold to him, of course he wants to act immediately to return the feelings of his women. There are several options. At the first suspicion the man might try to attract the attention of beloved. Often, after living a few years of marriage, people forget about romance. But in order to feelings stirred up, sometimes just the little things – bouquet of flowers bought on the way home, texting with a Declaration of love, dancing under the beautiful music, a joint trip to the restaurant. If the husband will try to please his wife, romantic things, likely that her faded feelings will flare up again.
The husband and wife can sit down and talk. What went wrong in their family life, why love had faded away, leaving behind fatigue and irritation, there was the wife of another lover? Maybe a family overcomes one of the crises and to get out of it, the spouses must work together to overcome difficulties. If a woman is sincere with her husband, extinct feelings can be revived.
Unfortunately, it may happen that his wife fell out of love with her husband. Exactly. Maybe she had someone else, maybe she wants freedom, but most important – she no longer wants to be with a man, and this situation can't fix no flowers, no trip to Hawaii. Unfortunately, such a situation would be to leave, not to step from love to hate and keep friendly and warm memories of each other. No matter how hurt the husband, he should have patience and believe that one day he will find a new love.
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