You will need
  • Wife, observation, patience
1) a Woman who does not love does not want intimacy.
Sexual relationships are the key to a happy marriage. Regular sex helps to improve mood, strengthen relationships, and love for a spouse. If a woman constantly avoids bed, then maybe she is not interested man. Also, she could appear a lover who satisfies her completely.
2) Wife does not respect you.
Husband and wife – two relatives of a person who should respect each other. It was on respect and understanding in relationships. Respecting a loved one for care, understanding and diligence, you once again show your love. Respect the interests of his second half. He did not impose his opinion, because everyone is entitled to their point of view. If your wife is constantly trying to humiliate you, focuses on your weaknesses, but does not see the advantages and not paying attention to your needs, then she doesn't love and appreciate you.
3) Favorite constantly looking at other men.
When the wife out on the street all the time stares at other men who buys women's magazines with their pictures, watching movies, where there is a lot of guys, then you should consider her attitude towards you. A woman who feels sympathy for his elect, will never pay attention to strange men, because she only needs her other half.
4) the Wife does not want to spend time with you.
Family relationships involve constant sitting in each other's company. Watching a movie, going to the movies or a restaurant joint cleaning – these are things that unite people in love. If your wife constantly tries to get away from you, citing a date with your girlfriends or going to your mother, then you can tell her you are not interested. Woman avoids your company, then when she bored with you.
5) the Woman constantly scandals.
How long have you heard the accusations in your direction? If this happens all the time and no day without scandal, then you should consider her feelings for you. In this case the wife can make a scandal out of nothing. It is unlikely that the woman you care about will test your nerves to the test and constantly annoy you.
How do you know that <strong>wife</strong> does not like