Pay attention to the most elementary changes in behavior of a girl in love – awkward situations, frequent embarrassment of hitches. The more this kind of reactions occurs in the presence of the object of her adoration, the more this man affects her just being around.
Try to spot the tricks by which she tries to attract attention: often straightens her hair, pulls his hands to his face, rubbing his forehead, and the like. The arm can also be raised, thus highlights some features of the figure.
Remember the psychologists that closed his arms are a sign of sympathy. So the girl draws a man in to his arms. However, reigns also another opinion about this gesture, other scientists, specialists have proved that in this way man is locked away from the interlocutor and shows respect to his own negativity. In a word, this gesture is not unique and must be considered and evaluated in the context of a particular situation.
Don't forget about the eyes, which is a very important component. Many people are convinced that looking into the eyes of a man can determine his character traits and thoughts. Additionally, the eyes are considered to be good indicator of emotions. If the girl often looks into the eyes of his companion, so he caused her particular interest.
Look at the girls posture – it speaks volumes. If a young man like the back of the girl will keep very straight. Will appreciate how carefully she listens what she's told. If the attention to the face and, thus, pateritsa wrist, often recovering clothes − so the girl feels a great interest in his companion.
Remember that even the most ridiculous joke causes laughter, which arises mainly from the adrenaline rush, not the wit of the speaker. This happens when next to a girl is the person to whom she was breathing unevenly.