Advice 1: How to know, love does in you girl

Loving people fixate on their feelings. Because of this they are difficult to understand, unrequited or mutual they love. Often it happens with guys as they are less attentive than girls. But if you look close, loving girl to notice very easy.
How to know, love does in you girl
You will need
  • attention
To find out whether you love your fiancee, pay attention to how she communicates with you. If it wants to meet with you for that puts your business pays you a lot of time, then you are obviously not indifferent. If she shows interest in your life, work, Hobbies, health, surely she's in love with you. Conversely, if the girl avoids contact, always somewhere in a hurry, you do not draw her as a guy.
Tell her a little about his ex-girlfriends. Of course, in that case, if your conversation is pretty straightforward. Have a girl in love, at the mention of rivals, the mood will be ruined, even if she wanted to hide it, it will be very noticeable.
Observe how she looks at you. Love the fairer sex wants to possess the object of their passion. In the initial stages of development of the relations young people do not allow themselves to touch each other, therefore, the eyes betray their feelings. If a girl looks at you admiringly, her eyes are "burning", but she quickly removes them as soon as you take a look at it, she's clearly in love with you.
Note how she responds to your jokes. Girls usually annoy the stupid, inappropriate, especially dirty jokes. But loving ladies to respond in an unusual way – they laugh at any jokes that came from the lips of their beloved.
Check your fiancee crazy. When the girls were overwhelmed with emotions, they are willing to not only completely change the image, but also to make something like a parachute jump into your arms.
Say favorite compliments. If she does not pay them special attention, then it doesn't matter what you think about her appearance. If it blooms in the eyes, a little blush and often wears a kind of dress which you praised, she's clearly trying to please you.
Listen as she talks to you. Usually girls talk with all calm, and the guys that have feelings, they begin to stutter, to hesitate, to be lost in words or to think long about the answer.
Pay attention to her behavior. If she flirts with you, tells a quiet, low voice, pulls his hair or takes your presence in seductive poses, she cares about you. Also if she unconsciously repeats your movements, gestures or postures, feel free to ask her out.
Scientists have proved that people love watching on their elected representatives not less than 5-7 seconds. Looking closely, you notice that the pupils they have advanced.
Useful advice
Make it clear to your sweetheart that you care about her, then it will be easier to make my feelings known. Give her signs of attention, do compliments, she should see what you need.

Advice 2: How to know if girl is in love with

Not all guys know just enough to observe the girl and she will tell you about anything that interests you. So you can learn even about her feelings for you.
How to know if girl is in love with
First we need to remember that if a girl is in love, nothing more she can't think. All her thoughts are occupied only by one representative of the opposite sex. Any conversation, she still makes only one – of her beloved. And if the girl decides to hide her feelings, still in conversations with colleagues, friends and General acquaintances she can talk about you. The most favorite theme will be stories about where and when she saw you, what you wore, how you behaved, you communicate with her or not. You know, if you care about the girl, she is unlikely to talk about you with her friends.
Talking to you girl in love is always kind, open and smiling. She listens with great interest all of what you say, and not only listens, but also remembers. She emphasizes for himself every detail, every word told by you. Want to check, does you girl – ask her the question that you discussed with her a few weeks ago. If the fairer sex will be answered quickly and correctly, she probably really likes you.
Remember that the most loyal signs of the behavior of a girl in love are praise addressed to guy; girl doesn't want to tell the object of his adoration about her any intimate details of life; her mood deteriorate as soon as the guy starts talking about other girls; personal life of her beloved makes her of great interest. This applies to Hobbies, work, study, and success. Loving lady always asked how was your day blindly believes everything you tell her and even ready to share and chat with you day and night.
If a woman someone falls in love, she tries to surround with attention and care this young man. Maybe she will constantly invite him over for tea and feed a delicious dinner, will be interested in his problems and offer your free assistance.
If you want to understand how it feels to you girl, watch her eyes. They are able to tell about the person more than someone or something else. Loving people are willing to look at the object of his desires long enough. For example, if other people looks no more than 1-3 seconds, your lover 5-7. Do not forget that love works miracles. If a girl likes you, she, without realizing it, begins to change: appearance, hair, figure, clothes and, of course, behavior.
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