If a girl is something that distinguishes you from many other guys, if her behavior is changing in your presence is a sure sign that she cares about you. Note that this change can also be completely incomprehensible, illogical from the point of view of the stronger sex. For example, the girl suddenly laughed, though like anything particularly funny in her company did not. Or, on the contrary, hesitated, paused to answer a very simple question. This means that your presence in her field of vision triggered the emotion she excited.
When a girl is talking to you or just looking at you, casually preening, for example, adjusts her hair, stroking the tip of a curl or pass it between fingers, it means that you certainly interested. She wants to come before you in the best possible way.
Also of interest on her part says that behavior: if a girl, for example, sitting at a table in a cafe, accidentally takes the position, emphasizing all the advantages of the figure. For example, leaning back in his chair, puts one leg over the other or turns sideways to you.
In conversation she almost always looks you in the eye? This is a good sign. Be sure that if you were indifferent to her, the more unpleasant, she would not have received! Well, if you look more embarrassed, the warmth, only to be extremely dull or shy guy will not guess what that means!
If the girl's tense, set face, faintly trembling lips, if it washed somewhere far, far away, almost certainly it something very upsetting. Guy needs to stretch the imagination and memory, trying to understand what the reason is, if he committed some faux pas, did not hurt the girl. If so, should as soon as possible to make amends for his mistake. Otherwise, the case may go to the big argument.