A sweet man, a woman often behaves differently. Change can be very different: the child suddenly becomes modest and shy, the iron business lady starts to treat the object of sighs pies of own preparation, and to recommend to put a cap on the street cold, quiet begins to tell stories from his life. All you need to notice such changes – watch the girl communicating with friends and compare with what you see.
The girl who is in love, seeks not to lose the object of their emotions and generally kept close to him. When she thinks no one is watching, she will consider any man but if a young person turns, most likely, will immediately turn his head. During a party, a hike with a group of friends to an exhibition, concert, and other informal activities, an interested woman will always be near you.
A woman is worried. She not sure in your feelings, and if sure – is that things can change. She pulls at the finger a strand of hair, adjusts her clothes, even if she is in perfect order, missing from the table a pen, a notebook, twirls them in his hands, puts into place and makes many other aimless actions.
There are physiological signs that make love a head. First and foremost, is dilated pupils. The object of the senses looks for women is very nice and so looking at him, her pupils dilate. When talking body girls socks and feet will be slightly expanded in the direction of the person she likes.
A woman in love happy. She wakes up with a smile on her lips, she is cheerful and easily takes on new projects after work goes to the gym and does not suffer from lack of sleep. With the loving woman's eyes Shine – is the one trait that distinguishes her from the crowd.