The girl liked the young man will not show his sympathy too openly. She will try to attract the attention of the various women's tricks. For example, ask to help carry the heavy bags, to solve a complex problem, to repair the chain. So she gives the young man to understand that he sees him as a real man - strong and courageous, able to solve any problem.
If the guy liked the girl, she will try to run into him. He will see her next to him in the College canteen or on the way home in the subway. If they have common friends, the girl will be more likely to communicate with them in the hope that her favourite young man also joined the company.
Girl who has a crush, trying to look attractive. She wears short skirts, tight jeans makes a fashionable hairstyle and tries in this way to face the object of adoration.
Love the fair sex signs to the object of sympathy. It cheesy, touches on the arm or shoulder, asking for help to put on a jacket, makes compliments. She deliberately goes to tactile contact, as the penetration of personal space transfer relationship to another level. If you used to be just classmates and colleagues, now become men, among whom, perhaps, originated the novel.
In addition to all women's tricks, girls using conventional techniques of establishing contact. Interested in Hobbies and preferences of the object of adoration, trying to find common interests to make conversation, joke, send holiday greetings on social networks, etc. If you see this behavior of the girl, and she like you too - don't get lost. Take the initiative and set up a meeting, she certainly will not refuse.