Problems in the hip joint

The most common cause of pain in the hip is damage to the tissues of the hip joint, resulting from inflammation, trauma, necrosis and destruction of tissue, etc. for Example, most often in patients reporting pain in the hip when walking, diagnosed osteoarthritis. It is a disease, which is a combination of inflammatory and natural age-related changes in the surface tissue of the hip joint. The pain is concentrated in the region of the upper thigh and groin, sometimes extending to the knee and below. It sharply increases when standing up and walking.

Often hip pain when walking caused by aseptic necrosis of the hip joint. The patient's condition worsens with the intake of drugs containing hormones.

The cause of the pain may also be infection of the joint, various injury, inflammation of nearby muscles and tendons, hereditary diseases, rheumatic diseases (e.g. systemic lupus erythematosus).

In the most severe cases, the pain is caused by malignant tumors of the femur or pelvic bone, and tissues nearby. Very often, in addition to the pain, patients complain of joint mobility. It is difficult to lift my leg or take her to the side.

What to do if hip hurts when walking

When pain in the thigh is necessary to consult an orthopedic surgeon and undergo a thorough examination. The results will be diagnosed and selected the most appropriate method of treatment. Drug therapy consists of taking pain and anti-inflammatory drugs. If necessary, can be assigned to additional physiotherapy (diathermy, massage, physiotherapy).

In cases of very strong and irreversible damage to the tissue, or when non-accrete fractures of the femoral neck is necessary to resort to surgery. Patients establish artificial joint. Also, the doctor may recommend using a fixing tool.

In any case the patient must avoid stress, for example, not lifting heavy weight, do not sit on low surfaces. Definitely need to control your weight.

To temporarily relieve pain you can use cold compresses. In some cases, can help and warm baths, as the heat helps to relax muscles.