One of the first symptoms, which must be worth paying attention to, is pain in the pubic area, which is in men is manifested much more often than in women.
If we consider the pain from the point of view of medicine, it's safe to say that this disease is a consequence of the presence of any disease. However, if the discomfort often manifest themselves right or left, it is possible that in the groin formed a hernia. In that case, if the pain hurts you in the most Central part, most likely, it speaks of the first signs and chronic forms of prostatitis.
It should be noted that the discomfort associated with prostatitis, have several additional symptoms, but rather: nagging and tingling pain, which cover the entire abdomen; severe pain in the sacrum; constant unpleasant sensations in the lumbar region. Quite often a man is unable to say with certainty exactly where he hurts, because while he can feel the pain throughout the pelvic region.
Another disease that is accompanied by pain in the pubic area in males is osteomyelitis, which in most cases are caused by such terrible disease as tuberculosis. It is worth noting that the disease is still more common in women, and therefore to identify the reasons you need to visit a specialist.
If generalized to say that mean pain in the pubis in men, it is nothing like the body cry for help, but such feelings can be like and with urological diseases, and musculoskeletal, that is much less.
Also important is the fact that abdominal pain could be the consequence of intestinal and infectious diseases which when not treated can inflict serious harm to your health. In any case, if you said that you have pain which is associated with the groin area, do not waste time and ask for help, or rather, the doctor-urologist. Only a competent person will be able to conduct some necessary research not only to identify the causes of symptoms, but also relieve you of the pain.