It is worth noting that the contraction of the tendons is a common problem that can accompany the occurrence of several diseases. Tendons can pull due to fatigue of the muscles and connecting tissues. But there are other causes of the symptoms of this disease: lack of calcium or magnesium, as well as varicose veins.

Calcium deficiency can cause spasms and tightening of the tendons in the legs

So, the most common cause retraction of the tendons and frequent convulsions of the limbs can be considered as a deficiency of calcium in the body. To prevent such a phenomenon can be taken as specialized preparations containing trace elements and calcium in its natural form. The second approach allows you to saturate the body with calcium faster and more fully. The main source of calcium in natural form are dairy products. Thus, a Cup of milk, taken before bedtime or on an empty stomach in the morning will allow very soon to get rid of the disease.

Contraction of tendons in legs - one of the symptoms of varicose veins

This disease is quite common in our time, it is due to the constant tension of the legs in the absence of a systematic power loads – training. That is, the varicose veins appears with regular intense stress on the legs if the limbs are not properly trained..

If you are susceptible to this disease, and in front of it you have cramps, then you can only advise a comprehensive medication causes of varicose veins.

The lack of magnesium

A deficiency of magnesium and vitamins can also cause seizures. In this case it is better to think about filling your body lacks the necessary elements, then seizures will not disturb you any more. The greatest effect can be achieved in the reception of complex vitamins and eating cereal.

Whatever it was, but finally overcome the cramp will help only a qualified physician who, on the basis of the results of certain surveys, identify the cause of the disease and prescribe appropriate treatment. To achieve the greatest effect of treatment should adhere to all recommendations of a physician. Can only recommend to comply with the best mode of physical load on the legs. In addition, it is important as well and lead a healthy lifestyle, eat right. Balanced diet – the key to success and the key to health and longevity!