Almost all the bones are hollow inside and therefore quite fragile. The clavicle accounts for about 15% of all fractures recorded by doctors. To diagnose in adults, such damage easily: the result of a fall on the elbow or extended arm, as well as from the blow on the shoulder is a bone fracture in its Central part. One half moves down and inwards and the other upwards and outwards. This kind of injury sometimes it can damage the skin and blood vessels. If the debris is sticking out, there is an open fracture.

Even if not broken skin, broken people will complain of pain in the clavicle at the slightest movement of the limb. At the site of injury swelling will appear, to the naked eye, you will see a shortening of the shoulder girdle. Difficulties with children can occur in the following: kids, falling during the game, I'm afraid to admit, and complain about the pain they start later.

Offset joints

Dislocations of the clavicle, which is attached to the sternum, almost never happen, but the outer end - acromial end, are often susceptible to damage. The injured person will feel discomfort with arm movement after exercise. In a relaxed position, the pain will manifest weakly or not at all will be felt. Trauma can be diagnosed by palpation. Sometimes in place of a dislocation this results in swelling of small size.

Compression of the cervical roots

Pain in the clavicle is sometimes reflected, not direct. Concomitant symptoms will point out that the causes of the problems are in the spine, and not in the bone. Due to compression of nerve endings pain moves to the collarbone. If she is accompanied, for example, feeling that numb the area behind the ear or swollen tongue - it means there was a clip of the third root of the spinal cord. If the heart hurts, bothers hiccups, trouble swallowing and a lump in the throat, in the fourth root. In any case we need to quickly refer to the neurologist.

Myositis or inflammation of the skeletal muscles

Myositis is characterized by dull pain under the clavicle when walking and sometimes at rest. Due to this disease the fibers of the muscles are affected and are in constant tension. In the transition to a chronic stage inside the muscle fibers formed of solid nodules. Myositis is most often distributed on the muscles of the back, neck and shoulders. May be formed as a result of injury or chronic tension, stress and poor posture while doing things.

Metastases in supraclavicular and subclavian lymph nodes

Pain under the clavicle may occur due to metastases in the lymph nodes. Discomfort occurs when malignant processes in the lungs, undifferentiated cancer, cancer of the gastrointestinal tract. The supraclavicular lymph nodes may indicate prostate cancer or the lungs. Metastases in infraclavicular lymph nodes can cause cancer of the breast or lung. Enlarged supraclavicular nodes are alarming symptom denoting tumours in the abdomen or sternum.