Hernia in men

If men feel a nagging pain in my groin (left or right), the most likely cause of this malady – an inguinal hernia. This happens, when the loop of intestine as a result of weakening the local support tissues come groin belly. Suffer and women from inguinal hernias, but it happens much less frequently for the following reasons:

- availability of more robust local muscle tissue;
- the spermatic cord is absent;
- the inguinal gap in women is quite narrow.

You should pay attention if a nagging pain in the groin in men is formed together with the swelling in this area is the main symptom of a hernia. At the first signs of this disease should immediately seek assistance from a qualified technician. Only an experienced doctor will be able to properly diagnose and prescribe the necessary treatment.

Inflammation of the lymph nodes

The lymph nodes in the human body is designed to produce immunological control of the composition of the lymph. So they are the first to suffer when the penetration of infection into the body. If there is an increase in the amount and compaction of the lymph node hurts, it means that the health is threatened. It should be noted that inflammation of the inguinal lymph nodes can be a symptom of:

- primary stage of syphilis;
- benign tumours or oncological diseases of small pelvis organs;
- diseases of the genitourinary system;
- STDs;
- fungal infections of the lower extremities.

If the lymph nodes in the groin are sore, their "pull" to determine whether the cause of this condition, the inflammatory process, it is easy. To do this, use the method of palpation.

- feeling lymph nodes on the site with the malignancy painless;
- lymph nodes are not soldered to each other and surrounding tissues;
- inflammation constitute a movable seal and are small (0,5-3 cm).

After completion of the rehabilitation course, the lymph nodes acquire the initial dimensions and are extremely difficult to find by palpation.

Possible causes pulling pain in groin in women

Women have a nagging pain in the groin may be due to a variety of reasons:

A parametritis, adnexitis, oophoritis. When inflammation of the appendages is an increase in body temperature, there is tenderness during palpation of the abdomen, sharp pain in the groin.

A rupture of a cyst of the left ovary. This condition is often accompanied by violation of the General condition (a drop in blood pressure, fever, vomiting), and severe pulling pain in groin.

Pathology of the intestines of various kinds (cancer of the colon, flatulence, diverticulitis, intestinal obstruction). In this case, the patient concerned about bloating, vomiting, fever.