Girdle pain may cover the torso. The causes can be diseases such as chronic cholecystitis, peptic ulcer disease, pancreatitis, myocardial infarction etc. Often these symptoms are an exacerbation of diseases of the pancreas. They may be accompanied by vomiting, indigestion, the stomach, the patient can inflate from the gases. Pain worse after eating and at night.

In diseases of the gallbladder often along with encircling pain, which to a greater extent pain in the sacroiliac region, you may experience hearing loss, the appearance of cold. Observed intestinal spasms, dizziness. If sharp pain occurs at the top of the abdomen and radiates to the back, shoulder blade or right shoulder, you need to go to the doctor as these are signs of perforated ulcer of the stomach, duodenum.

The appearance of stones in the gallbladder causing your liver colic. It can also be a great physical exertion, unhealthy diet. In this case, the pain sudden and sharp, it increases rapidly in the right upper quadrant, may radiate to the clavicle, right shoulder or shoulder blade. Enhanced with a deep breath. Along with the pain, nausea, fever.

When kidney inflammation is also observed girdle pain, which is growing in my side and lower abdomen, radiates to the back. It is also possible nausea, vomiting, fever, chills, frequent urination. In the formation of kidney stones there is pain in the side, back and in the pubic area. The pain can be unbearable when the stone goes down on one of the ducts into the bladder. If the stones are localized in the kidney, the pain is constant and dull. Pain in the lower abdomen and back may be signs of a life-threatening gynecological diseases.