You will need
  • - NSAIDs in the form of tablets, capsules, injections and ointments;
  • - ointments based on bee and snake venom;
  • - chondroprotectors;
  • - steroid preparations in the form of intra-articular injections;
  • - hormonal preparations.
Pain in the hip joint can be caused by arthrosis, coxarthrosis resulting from congestion or inflammation that reduces the amount of synovial fluid, cartilage becomes thinner, toiling and there are limitation and severe pain.
Frequently joint pain causes pinched sciatic nerve. The reason for the constraint set can be different from a herniated vertebral disk and ending with inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs.
To establish an accurate diagnosis, contact your doctor, neurologist. If the onset of pain was preceded by a fall, injury, immediately consult a trauma surgeon in the emergency room. You will be given a comprehensive examination, based on the results of which will be assigned to appropriate treatment.
If the pain in the hip joint caused by inflammation, antibiotics, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in tablets, capsules, or injections, and ointments or gels based on snake, bee venom or containing NSAIDs.
Steroid medications quickly suppress the pain in the hip joint and help the patient in short intervals to return to a normal lifestyle. Appointed as intra-articular injection short courses.
Hormonal drugs are prescribed on absolute grounds if other methods to suppress the inflammation and pain fails.
In the destruction of cartilage rational use of chondroprotectors that do not contribute to the rapid pain relief, but help to prevent degenerative breakdown of cartilage. To take drugs systematically need 3 courses a year with duration of 1-2 months.
After removal of acute inflammation the doctor prescribe physiotherapy, exercise therapy supervised by a specialist in a clinic. If necessary, hold a course of massage and acupuncture.
To use traditional methods, but only as supplementary funds to the basic treatment prescribed by your doctor. In the period of acute inflammation not warm the joint loading exercise.